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    cleopatria01 – do i blood test it should show by now


    Omg i can’t take the wait I have tested all week bfn af post to be on sunday. Last time with danny I took a test three days early and got a bfp. I have been taken the cheapy test maybe they don’t work on me. What do all think?



    Oh and also I wasn’t supposed to get AF until Friday. humm it’s like a week early


    ok, so i am in cd29/13dpo.. still no af, i tested yesterday and bfn.. I thought i be getting af today, for i been getting cramps abit this morning, but af a no show. and I usually get them on first thing in the morning.. so I got to wait it out this weekend. and see how i go.. just hope af doesn’t rear her ugly head so it can show me i still could be a possible pregnancy



    hi Phoenix – so any new symptoms? 🙂 Me, felt kind of nauseous just now until I had lunch hehe imagining things as always!


    ilovemylilprince-thank u and hope u get ur BFP too! I hope n pray for everyone! Well i will post later on today…..u ladies have a fab day!





    Congrats Alliegirl!!! 🙂 Wishing you a Happy & Healthy 9 months!!!!



    It is snowing a lot here in North Carolina. It is so pretty!


    What does RE mean and what is it?



    LOL dcs…my DH really thought he had mission accomplished last cycle…& it was like someone told him he had no balls when i said BFN…so sensitive about ttc, aren’t they?



    Mavy – I’d love to hear how the every other day goes for you. I’m thinking about trying that next month. I’m on cycle 10.



    I’m sorry Cleo 🙁



    So AF vanished yesterday woo hoo! On to another month of trying! I so just want to have a big baby bump again! When you take an OPK test an it comes back positive does that mean you are ovulating or you are about to? would it be best to BD just before you get a positive?



    At 5 DPO, it’s likely the egg has not yet implanted… could be phantom symptoms, considering what you went through last month, especially if you have been feeling this way for a couple of days… on the other hand, sometimes your body just knows when it’s ‘about to be pregnant’ like a sixth sense we can get…

Viewing 15 posts - 60,766 through 60,780 (of 131,346 total)

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