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    So, I’m desperate. My hubby better watch out, the next 25 days he is gonna be VERY BUSY. Not giving up until I get my BFP this month!! hehe



    i dont know if its EWCM cuz ive never really had more then a wipe of it before but this was all kinds lol wasnt super stretchy but stretchable….


    Participant you make me laugh! Well I think I am 12DPO today (counted from my +OPK) Still BFN, I am beginning to think I o’d later than I thought… (Luckily we continued to BD) Well, no sign of AF AND my temp went up again this morning!!!! Slightly crampy but NO OTHER SYMPTOMS!! I am so excited… May this be our month!!! Baby dust to all. ~*~*~



    CPALMER – I just read about the BFN…I don’t agree with it for some reason…clear pee is no bueno my dear!! LOL! 🙂 Are you going to try again? You have a lot of support here hun!!!! ( if you haven’t noticed…:) ) I AM STILL ROUTING FOR YOU!!! I am going to think BFP BFP BFP BFP until wither AF arrives or your DO GET YOUR BFP! 🙂



    Congrats mum2oscar!!!! So excited for you!!! Congrats mommy 2 abi!!! Time to enjoy pregnancy and stay positive! 🙂



    Hey ladies! C – a possible positive??? YAY! I can’t wait to hear about your bloodwork!!! So…is anyone other than me having trouble getting onto fertilityfriend today? I’m getting annoyed because I want to get to my chart and it’s not loading!





    Hey ladies! I just wanted to throw in real quick about the meat topic and girls. I WAS WAAAY OPPOSITE! Not only did I CRAVE meat the ENTIRE time I was pregnant with DD but I craved RAW meat!! The thought of sweets made me throw up! With my DS however, all I could really stomach was chicken and sweet and sour watermelon candies (which I normally HATE! LOL!



    Brandy- just goes to show, go off the first pos OPK and ignore subsequent ones as LH can remain elevated, during and after O. FX you caught the egg this month xoxoxo



    daisy, with a shorter cycle, you are likely ovulating sooner (around day 10 – 14) so by day 26 you should get a reliable result on a HPT. Sometimes hCG does take longer to show up on a HPT, so wait a few more days and test again if AF does not show. Good luck!



    escribo…your 1st positive opk generally means ovulation is about 24-36 hours away…which is plenty of heads up time (no pun intended)



    Congrats Sara!!!!


    what a crap night, urgh dunno how to explain how fed up i feel



    so my temp dipped this morning…..



    dardar-we will always be supportive. i hope you get your BFP soon. I have been TTC for 91/2 months. what about the rest of you?

Viewing 15 posts - 60,991 through 61,005 (of 131,346 total)

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