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    laurajeanjt- if you sound greedy, then im just aweful, cause im trying for number 6 lol



    So ovulation for me is the 21st of feb. I’m debating on waiting for next month cuz that’s when I turn 21. Idk if I wanna wait though….should I? My first child is already 18mo



    so i have a new plan. sense my period is so irreguler i went to the ovulation calender and just put in a 29 day cycle to a 42 day cycle then wrote down all the ovulation and fertile days on a calender, so it turns out that i have to bd from nov 4th to nov 23rd to even get close to the egg lol my hubby sure is going to be a happy camper. oh and he wont let me use opk’s or anything like that so this is all i have to go by. i will for sure catch it if i just stick to this plan



    BabyG3 if i were you i will bd every day perhaps you ovulated before you thought you did.





    and do lots of women have success within 3 tries of an IUI?



    Damnkat: good luck, I had one back in 2004, you’ll be ok! You don’t bleed a whole lot so don’t worrie about getting those thick pads. If you don’t go under general, like I did, the pain isn’t horrible and will subside after procedure. I had just cramping afterward. Get some wine and movies for afterwards 🙂 I hope you have a speedy recovery! To everyone else, keep bringing those BFP! I should be o any time now (wish I used opk to know for sure) but just waiting on DH to get home soon before DD wakes up from nap to BD. Come on already!!!



    I’m still here girls, I still don’t have a BFP either! 16 mths ttc for me.



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    Ok- quick vent- just found out about a friend getting pregnant unplanned- for the 3rd time! I know she is excited but its hard to hear all these unplanned pregnancies



    Congrats to agape. Welcome to the newbies hopefully its a short stay. I’m on cd 11, and have an almost positive opk around 9am, not fmu. I put up a pic of it…feel free to let me know what u ladies think…Im very disheartened today…dh and I got into it last night, and he criticized me for being so meticulous about ttc. And then had the audacity to say he thought I just thought of him as a sperm donor. I cried, and then said no, if that was the case I wouldn’t have spent all afternoon cooking for ur ass, when ds and I weren’t that hungry. Then explained to him why I was so eager to get pg. Bc of the cysts that I get every month…I have them before and after af, so out of a 3 1/2 week cycle, I only really have 1 good pain free week. And I’m going to have this the rest of my life til either menopause or preg. ( was told this by 3 diff. Drs). Said I wanted 1 more kid then need to see what can be done so I don’t have to be in this kind of pain almost constantly. Then this am he asks if I’m still mad, I say no, but what was his reaction to everything, and all he says…its a lot to take in. I don’t want to feel pressure etc. Etc. Blah blah blah. I don’t really know what was said after that…I tuned out.



    blessed, u can get it at walmart for under 8 bucks i think….also GNC sells i think



    Bex – Great news!!! Happy 9 months to you!



    Good morning ladies haven’t been on in about 24hrs or more well yesterday I went to the emergency room for twinges n pressure like cramping on my right side in my groin area ugghh. Well they took loads of blood did an internal exam n ordered an ultrasound to rule out ectopic pregnancy. Blood hcg=16591 cervix=closed ultrasound=gestational sac n yolk measuring 5wks n 5or6days tech didn’t see a fetal pole but said it was too early. However ectopic was ruled out as well. Thankfully all is well with baby but has anyone ever had this groin pressure?? When I was preg with dd in 08′ I had it but its now more pronounced n it starts in the groin but sorta radiates down my right leg. Also I’m wondering is it possible I feel it more now than when preg wit dd bcuz dd was born via c section?? Idk ladies plz help me them ladies on that 5wk forum r mean as hell they don’t seem warm n caring like the TTC forum. ALSO CONGRATS TO ALL THE BFP healthy n sticky baby dust xoxoxo


    Dmmarine….you crack me up…..we are right on the same track! I am so hopeful for this month for some reason…..maybe because its the first month ever I used opks and actually know we have a chance….bded 3 times in the o window……now the waiting…..8 days. Well7.5 now lol

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