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    Ok, so CD 17, and when I changed FF to just regard my OPK’s, it put me as 1 DPO! Thought it may be better, since my temps are all over the place due to my youngest being sick for the last week and me being up and down all night. Also put me as high chance of being pregnant with all the BDing going on here the last couple days. OPK negative this morning, so fairly certain FF is right. Yay! 9 days til I can test LOL!



    Congrats bnl!!!!!!!!


    Oh, Diane, I’m so sorry about the false positive. That REALLY stinks! Sorry you’re not feeling well, also. I hope you’re able to shake it off quickly! *hugs*



    Someone please respond to cleopatria01 question, I want to know as well!!!!



    28-30 days



    Beth – I have a bunch of hpt in the bathroom cabinet but there the cheapy ones Im only CD 15 so dont think they will pick it up. Oh what do you think should I go do it anyway. Dont want to see a BFN maybe I should wait Aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh so frustrating



    My cervix is still HFC, lots of creamy CM and NO period. Ahhgggg! It was due yesterday. Tests are still bfn. Boo. I hate not knowing. I would even welcome AF at this point. Grrrr.



    {Waving} HI RUBY! No, I was starting to think I might possible be pregnant, for the last few days I’ve been extremely tired and yesterday I felt all around crappy (hot flashes, headache, waves of nausea and slight cramping)…THEN hubby came home early from work and said he wasn’t feeling well. Guess that explains my symptoms, something’s going around our house.
    Overall I’ve remained calm this cycle and haven’t obsessed, so it’s actually a good thing that hubby wasn’t feeling well yesterday, now I won’t spend the next 6 days getting my hopes up that I might be pregnant. I can go back to my state of mind that the egg didn’t stick this month, for some reason it seems to be easier on me if I think this way. My husband sent me to Wal-mart and I picked up a two pack HPT, I’m debating if I want to test on Sunday or not, I’ll be super annoyed if I wasted $4.00 for a BFN.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!



    Got AF this am:(



    I got to get out of here….I have alot of work 2 do at work 2day.
    Thanks for talkin with me ladies!

    Have a great Day!



    Congrats alliegirl and fds on the bfps. Awesome news!!! I begin my 2ww today. Anyone else just starting theres or about to…..?



    Sorry for all the BFN’s!!!! It usually means a heap of BFP’s are just around the corner though :)))



    reproductive endrocronolgist



    According to fertility friend I can test in 5 days but AF is not due for 7 days, which should I do?


    Well AF showed up 1st thing this morning! Back to the drawing board…..

Viewing 15 posts - 61,276 through 61,290 (of 131,346 total)

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