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    Hey ladies, me and my partner have been trying to concieve for nearly eleven months now. This month we had sex every other day leading upto ovulation and everytime afterwards I made him stay in me for a few mins then I would lift my leggs very high in the air i was literally nearly doing a handstand! And i stayed in this sort of handstand position for half an hour each time. Its now a few weeks later and I have such a bad lower back pain, very zingy sharp pains coming from my ovaries, an almost tingling sensation in my ovaries and i cnt realy explain it but I can feel movement down there too. Ive also had a very sore headache and lots of spots!! Im due on my period soon im hoping it doesnt come!!

    I was wondering has anyone else felt these symptoms within the first few weeks of pregnancy? Do u
    rekon I could be prego? Woyld be great to hear your feedback!!


    poofy congrats, i think we were on the same boat waiting for AF on the 22-23 so I’m going to buy a test today… sticky dust



    cleopatria01 – my son is circumcised, I did the same thing as babybehappy, I told my husband it’s his decision since he knows more about the penis then I do.



    Congratulations Elmera! I loved that story Diane!I got such a visual when you were describing your costume, hilarious! I just talked to the nurse and my levels today (15 dpo) are 145! She said that is right on! I had researched level averages so I knew I wanted to hear around 130 so when she said 145 I was so relieved!!! She said that is a healthy number so now I can relax! I have been crashing everyday at this time and I had just put Jax down and was climbing into bed to watch jerseylicious when she called!! Good luck to everyone, I am probably going to be back and forth on ttc and the 4 wk page. I still go back next week for more bloodwork and a vag us



    Cleo- She is fine. She has a bruise on her forehead and not even a bump.



    tested again this morning again BFN….a month & a week late now…… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    CD 12. 15 days until test time!



    Hey ladies… well, This was not our month, although I know without doing all of the charting, etc. that we did when we conceived both our boys that it will be ‘hit or miss’ if you will on catching those fertile days, we are just letting it all happen naturally this time… definitely less stressful on one hand & on the other I sometimes get that sense of urgency to get our BFP?! I know it will happen, God willing… the only question is WHEN I suppose? So another month to look forward to. This is our 4th (and final) go at “baby-making”… hoping for Pink but I think it would be silly of me to really care too much one way or the other with having a girl & 2 boys already… although the prospect of feeding THREE boys when they’re teenagers is a bit scary, LOL… hehehe just kidding of course! Best of luck to all of you ladies… load of sticky BABY DUST to you all!!



    Pinchy – I am from Aus too and have never seen them, but I’ve only looked in supermarkets, never in a chemist, might look next time…



    xolblondieox – thanks for the reply. it’s just so frustrating waiting when we would like to conceive #2. i’m pretty sure i’m not pregnant and i don’t want to test when i have no symptoms. if i at least had some symptoms i might test. i am going to wait a few more weeks and see what happens and then i’m gonna go to the doc. i am praying af shows soon so we can ttc for cycle 2. good luck ttc!!



    Good morning ladies!! ASCURLOCK – Use the robitussen with ONLY Guaifenesin in it. It’s the one that breaks up mucus. If it has anything else in it, then they will act against each other and won’t do any good. OWENSBABY – I’m so so sorry hon. We’re all here for you. DSQUARED- get BDing!! LBRELS, when the test and control lines are the same you have a positive OPK so will be O’ing in (depending on the test) 12-48 hours. Usually sooner than later I’ve found



    @ lains- I don’t know what to think at this point. I stopped charting temps after i started cramping and what really hurts is my co-worker and I who are very close we always get our monthly at the exact same time every month and now she is experiencing the same symptoms I am which makes me more frustarted. The cramps I’m experiencing doesn’t feel like the usually AF cramps, but then again a woman’s body chages from month to month its hard to say what are regualr AF cramps. 6months ago my cycle was every 28days then it gradually change now its every 33 days. Because I want to be pregant its hard to tell with the symptoms because PMS and Pregnancy are so identical. All i can say is that I have never experienced breast tenderness and breast heaviness to this extreme. i mean my breasts are naturally big, so I wouldn’t notice in breast growth right away. I’m noticing mood swings and irriabilty which usually happens around Af. And I’m noticing the feeling of having to poop a lot (sorry tmi).



    Well ladies… the cycle is officially 2 days late. Keeping my fingers crossed… Could it be possible that baby #2 is on its way!



    kargy, you have a nice strong chart, no doubt of your thermal shift….. Good luck!


    hi ladies, how are we all today? I am back again and we are trying for out 2nd child, i am currently on CD18. I had fogotten how frustrating it was waiting. ;0) it seems so long ago since i was here last. Hope everyone gets their wish. Baby dust to all xxxxxxx Godd luck to you all xxxx

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