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    Well at least its healthier in more than one way. But i can chow down on that stuff.



    Jst nearly burst out crying cos I got a complicated file to work on at work!! Iv had 2 come 2 the toilet to calm down lol also iv got grapes & strawberry on my desk & they smell disgusting…lol



    LADIES….QUESTION: On cycle day 9 I had an almost positive opk. Then, on cycle day 12 chart said that I ovulated. Temps stayed up until cycle day 18 (yesterday) where a dip occured. Yesterday I had a positive opk….today, my temps are back up and I still have a positive opk. But! My cervix is hard and closed. I have been gassy, bloated, headachy, tired and emotional. Fertility friend chart has not detected ovulation yet. Could it be that I really did ovulate on cycle day 12 and maybe the dip in temp I had yesterday was implantation? And could I be getting positive opk’s now because I am pregnant? Too early to test with a pregnancy test. I guess time will tell, but how probable is this situation? I posted a pic of chart and opk in my profile pictures….



    crazyfornumber3 I was diagnosed with Thyroid – I can’t remember the name, it is in which the metabolic is low so you gain weight.
    I just got my Thyroid tested and it is normal



    maybe some birthday booty will get me a bfp *wink*



    crazy- you should follow your intuition on that one. I’d personally go for it if it increases the odds



    aww sounds like he will enjoy it!!! i got kaylee a little candy and mostly coloring books, bubbles, fruit sncaks, activity books



    LisaJ~~how long have you been on clomid? I’m not sure what my progesterone level is (I have to go for blood work on CD23).



    Cpalmer-like I said IT AIN’T OVER YET! Hang in there deary. We’re all here with you.



    What?? I thinks that’s BS!! If you are back at your pre-pregnancy weight then it shouldn’t really be a problem!!! That’s just my opnion, I don’t know anything about pregnancy weight!!!



    hi everyone i thought i’d join this group, i am ttc after a miscarriage, i already have one son who is nearly two now. i need to wait til around the 12th nov to see if i’m pregnant. it took 5 months to get pregnant with my son and this is our first month of trying since my miscarriage, fingers crossed x



    RmomR, sorry about the family troubles, but your husband is right, you have each other and the baby on the way. Hopefully the baby will help unify everyone again. Tell them it’s 2010 not 1810, and love does not need to be confined to ones own race. If they keep it up, focus on the three of you and make friends to help fill the gaps your ungrateful families are leaving – eventually they may come around, but if not you always have each other.


    Evening ladies – Dinner s over and done with thank god – im still gettig cramps and i am constipated so im a bit grumpy today how is everyone ?


    who was it that said they had their DH POAS and it was postive on the opk?


    Hi ladies, My daughter is now one year old and my husband and I have been dying to get pregnant again for the last four months. Just got my period back last month and i was praying i’d be pregnant already as we had a plan to have our children close together. No period yet (one month later) but I took a couple pregnancy tests and ONE LINE. UGGG. I’m still nursing so doc said i might not conceive yet?

Viewing 15 posts - 61,351 through 61,365 (of 131,346 total)

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