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    I had tender breast for the last week. Haven’t noticed any growth though. I usually get breast tenderness around ovulation but it only last a day or two. So since my breast have been hurting more could this mean i might be pregnant? I have had headaches more often than normal. It is still to early to test, AF isn’t do until the end of the week or early next week.. Did anyone else go thru this??



    thanks wanna! any bfp’s yet around here??



    IM SO FREAKING CONFUSED… I guess AF flow started or is it implantation bleeding. If its AF y did i have all this breast tenderness that lasted this long which doesn’t every happen during my regular cycle..Normally before AF i get spotting to let me know but this time it was straight bleeding. Sorry doing a little venting.



    ROSIE ::: thats soooo exciting hopefully april is a good month 😀 for us all happy healthy nine months 😀



    Some women have very short surges so they do it twice a day to make sure they catch it. You don’t want to ask me because I do them WAY too much!!! Lol The first cycle I went through 70+ in one month!!! Hahaha I have calmed down a bit but still do them 2-3 times a day when I know I am close to O’ing 🙂



    well diane that makes me a little happy as my cervix is super closed, in fact i havent felt it this closed since before i had a



    Mama bri….Yay! Best of luck!!!! Congrats on the faint bfp…so does that make it a ffp? Lol. Jk. Anyway…so I’m officially in the 2ww…ugh. I’m either 1 dpo, or 5 dpo. I’m thinking 1though. Just bought my frer’s the other day….for those that haven’t seen me say this before….GO TO FIRST RESPONSE WEBSITE, THEY HAVE A $2.00 OFF COUPON. SO AT TARGET, A 2 PK WITH A FREE 3RD TEST WAS $7.99, WITH A COUPON, $5.99. Not really feeling any different or preg. Just tender bbs…if af comes again, going to ob, and ask bc I’m still having cyst pain, and its def. Not fun when u have to stick to a strict bd schedule. Lol. BEST OF LUCK LADIES!



    I tried to explain the OPK vs. HPT and he just looked at me like I had 6 heads. His final thought was why don’t you just take a HPT then, LOL.



    oh and candila as well the best time to bd is morning time and the best position is missionary. so if we have sex on a thurs morn in missionary according to our lunar phase and cm and opk……. piece of cake! god this is getting so interesting. amazing the things that come up when questions start to get asked 🙂


    awww happy early b day C!!



    time for middaynap……



    Err I rant to much. Once I get on the subject of his stupid brother I can’t stop haha im serious I could go on for days on how much I hate him.. Anyways lol



    Eliza keep your hopes up and please let us know when the healthy baby is born!



    I know! LOL! It was wayyy over due- for ALL of us haha..


    Well hi ladies, I’m Amanda. I live in Alabama in the USA, this is my 3rd round on IAP but never here 🙂 I discovered it with my 1st and my 2nd was a total shocker! SOO my 1st was 18 mos old when I got pregnant with my 2nd, and my 2nd will be 18 mos next month. I love their age diff. 🙂 We had considered having another, but then decided not to. Then the health dept took me off the Nuvaring bc it was giving me headaches. Been off it at least a month, and 2 headaches since. Better than every other day! So then I was on the mini-pill due to being ill-advised by my HD that it stops ovulation. It only stops ovulation SOMETIMES, and otherwise prevents fertilized eggs from attaching. To me that is an instant abortion and I’m HIGHLY against abortion! I got off the pill after only 2 wks and I don’t agree with any other birth control. Sooo back to TTC in December <3 ! I have a 3 1/2 yr old DD and a 17 mo old DD and my DREAM is IDENTICAL TWINS, and we need a boy so PRAY WITH US FOR IDENTICAL TWIN BOYS!!! 😀

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