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    any of you ladies use the cheap stick tests (mine are the Wondfo ones)? I can’t believe I’m already having to test again…but I did and the line doesn’t show up before the 10 mins but I get an evap line after it dries. I don’t remember getting evap lines on these Wondfo tests when I was using them before I got prego with my son (he is 4 months old now). I’m wondering if this is an early sign of a positive. I guess I’ll always be able to know in a week or so but wondered if anyone had experience that frequently tests with evap lines and what they might really mean.


    kimster – how old is your first baby?



    geting excited for my gyno app next tues. in march this yr i had my tubes and everythign checked out down ther and gyno wants to see me again as iam not pregs and unex[plained not pregs so its time to do the first stages of ivf fertility stuff.. not keen on the finances but we will do what we have to…i hope you are all going well..ima bout day 7-8 start opk next week somtimes…



    well ladies, its game over for me this month, so i guess i’ll be on this site a while longer. huge congrats to all the new bfp’s and baby dust to everyone else xx



    Sorry for the rant I am just so emotional today! And SO is on my nerves…so just not having a good day!


    Hi Star how are you doing ?



    hello ladies,sorry to hear about Af showing her un-wanted face for quiet a few of you. Ok,i thought i’d do a quick update on whats going on with me. Well Af is still a no-show for me (due the 23rd) & now it’s the 25th ! I usually have pms cramping leading up to Af,but nope nothing. Im so confused ! Imm not allowed to test until Af is a week late, hubbys orders. Lol. I really hope i make it to the 1 week mark,im going insane !!!! ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to you all. 😀


    princessk1227 – I dont think my husband can BD enough!! LOL thats all we would do if it was up to him!!


    katmoma i really hope u havmt missed it, if ur OPK are geting darker and darker then BD BD BD lol and drown that lil eggy lol hehe, i am CD11 wheres my cycle buddies at???. i started OPK this morning it was a neg which i know is to early to detect as im hoping to O the weekend, scan tomorow woohoo, FX Clomid is working for me 🙂



    Good evening ladies! I’m kind of new to this is everyone doing?



    oh bgoy so exciting!!! Lilpa i guess we will be tessting buddies then i am going to test next friday but i now come wed i will probally cave in but it seems fridays are always lucky days for me i found out both times on a friday that i was prego.


    browneyedgirl86 – I will be testing on Thursday!



    Hey Ladies, quick question, Is it normal to have a nearly positive opk on Cd 19?? I normally have a 30 day cycle and thought I had already ovulated on Cd 14ish as I had EWCM on days 13-15 but didn’t have any opk’s, then have been having mild Af cramping on and off since cd 15, and now I have a nearly positive opk but no ewcm at all??? Maybe I ovulated already and there is just alot of LH in my urine but not enough to get a positive result?????



    Hello everyone!! This really sucks doing this on my phone (No computer) so i can’t add pictures or anythin boo! Lol i need some friends in my friend network. Chica i sent u a invitation to be my friend. My phone is so slow its gonna take forever to go 2 people’s pages and send invites.



    Brandy thx no it didn’t confuse me. Lol. I didn’t know about the temp dip for implantation though. It’s funny- and I hate to say it but I am waaayyy over thinking these symptoms- lol. I had the on/ off again nausea. And have been extremely thirsty all day today… More so than normal. I mean to the extreme when I finished with my shower- just let the water run cold squating drinking boat loads of water from my hand- lmao! Now that I look like a complete looney- that is all… On a side note… I learned a very important lesson today- after 5 yrs of marriage there is a reason I don’t let my duh grocery shop! $117. For practically NOTHING! The man spent $15 in deli meat, and bought NO BREAD!!! Lol. Bless his heart for trying though. Lol.

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