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    eeyore – good for u. i’m not going to my OB anymore for help. she doesnt listen either. she just thinks everything is fine b/c it was so easy getting pregnant the first time. she didnt want to give me clomid till she saw me for the 3rd time in her office in 2 months. i think she just wanted to shut me up LOL. i’m going to a reproductive endo/infertility specialist next month. woo hoo!


    I’m so determined that we will get pregnant this month. We just BD’d and after I put my legs propped up along the wall while I laid on my back for 45 minutes lol. I’m suppose to ‘O’ today’ish. Going to BD before bed. And BD’d twice yesterday. I am praying so hard this will be our month.



    Congrats Emma :):):):)


    I left a message with my dr. hopefully he can help me out, why it’s taking so long to get pregnant. the last 6 months or so I ‘spot’ for 3-4 days before my period. Which I never had before.



    wow i have no prob with bf mb, im always ready to bd hahahaha but i also dont get stressed if he ocassionally does. besides if you have to force the bding and stuff its no fun


    Hey ladies! i’m back again.. i guess i should be in the TTC After Loss forum, but nobody talks over there (which is prob a good thing that maybe there arent as many people over there) we lost our baby at 13 weeks back in november and just recently decided to start trying again.
    i’m late on my period and REALLY FEEL preggo. sick all the time, tired all the time, swollen belly, veiny boobs, my smell is insane and smelling the wrong thing makes me sick.
    i guess we will have to wait and see! i’m not even going to bother testing right now. they never work for me until i’m atleast 8 weeks.
    just have so many questions.
    after one miscarraige are you considered high risk?
    how long should i wait to go to the doctor?
    do you go sooner if you’ve miscarried in the past or does it not matter?
    i’m glad to be back trying again with you ladies!!!! good luck and baby dust to all of you 🙂



    seans- OMG! I bet you are preggo!!!



    @3wouldbeperfect I’m hopeful for you and send baby dust



    @ poiz -> I just read a few min ago that HOT baths or showers right before BDing is not good either as the sperm needs cool area to live. Not sure if this is helpful or not. @ dnice25 -> sounds to me like you are stressed and that can make AF early or late. Do what your heart tells you as only you know. Do you fell preg or that you could be if so then get the test done to ease your mind.



    Ehartw02 – yep that sounds like a plan. Also, I know this sounds yuck, but if you can keep an eye on your cervical fluid as that also can give you an idea if you are about to ovulate. Kitty79 – yay! Hope they stay up for you & you get you BFP! Kirkir – boo about having to wait till Tuesday for the dr. Just out of interest what brand are you using? With both of my boys I never got a +ve with Internet cheapies until late so I know that I have to use a FRER because they pick it up first for me. Good luck!



    Thanks sho24 – I’m told that it takes 3-5 days after implantation bleeding (if that’s what we’re experiencing) before a HPT will be positive. Good luck to you! I’m not sure I could wait until Friday.



    duffy you are kind to your dh 😉 I make mine bd every day and poor thing if it is on a weekend then 2x’s hehehehe.DH says he is a man not a machine and I tell him he is My Sexy Baby Making Machine LOL he just says GRRRRRR. okay 😉



    anyone near CD 3??


    Seeg–I would agree with your doctor. Give your body time to ‘re-regulate’ and a small break before trying again



    Well, here we go again! Fingers crossed this is our month! ** Baby Dust to all **

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