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    donna – this is our 5th month of TTC now (although I stopped using contraception since back in May and just ‘avoided’ those times of the month, so technically longer). I have a 13 and a half month old little boy and we are trying for baby no.2, as we would love to give him a little brother or sister. My first ever pregnancy (I got pregnant while on the pill), ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks, but I tried again immediately and got pregnant straight away with my son. This time things are not happening so easily, so not sure what’s going on there! I do my BBT every day and use ovulation tests – last month was the first month we did it on both smiley face OPK days, so I was convinced it would work….. One day late for my period I got the faintest faintest line on the HPT, but followed immediately by AF (must have been a very convincing evaporation line!), so I think this has been my most stressful month so far! How about you? What’s your story? x



    BRE2015-I am so sorry for your loss! I understand what you’re going through having had 3 early miscarriages myself. I have pcos and have low progesterone so as soon as I get a bfp I get into my doctor right away to get my blood work done to check my progesterone level. With all of my pregnancies I’ve needed to supplement until I was 13 weeks. Has your doctor checked your progesterone?



    I am CD25 and DPO 11 or 12…wow can’t believe it is almost mid-January already!



    MrsBugs I’m coming down with something too and trying to BD, (the baby was being difficult this morning so no BD). as who knows when I might O. My Dr said I could O straight away. I’m waiting on my OPK’s and HPT’s so I can POAS, it’s been so long.



    Sorry to change the subject but I have a question. My temp went down drastically this morning. I am only on CD10 today. Why has my temp dropped so much so early? It isnt time to ovluate yet, I usually ovluate on CD17 or CD18.



    I don’t want to get my hopes up so only voicing my suspicions on here for now rather than to DH. We are trying for baby no 5 and although its still way too early to test I have the same sick feeling I had with the others just a few dpo. Fingers crossed the next week is going to be a long one!!



    That’s great Samantha A. 🙂 Especially after the worry that FSH test gave you on CD 3! I am CD 12 and I think I will O this weekend (my temps are dipping, typical a couple of days before O). That’s early for me! I’d been ranging around CD 18 – 21 for the past several cycles.



    Good luck @kelley82879! At least you’re on top of things! I had my iud removed 1/13/14 and feel completely thrown off with trying to track things! Not much hope for this month.



    RainbowRach – yes unknown people do add you as friends sometimes.. maybe thats bcos they have read your profile through a common friends, friend list or something like that.. and maybe such people can relate to you since they maybe in a similar situation as u.. and it all depends on you if u want to accept them or reject them…



    Hello evryone!I’m in shock! I just got a light but perfectly visible BFP on a FRER!!! I will try to post it later if I can work my digicam. My DH doesn’t believe me though…he said the line has to be dark…lol. Well Ill just have to prove it again in a few days!



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    Good Morning Ladies! I just took a HPT and got BFN at 10dpo. Tell me there is still hope?



    And congrats to the BFPS!



    Well I am off to the store to buy more hpts. Any reccomendations on certain brands?



    CONGRATS to all the new BFP’s, I am thrilled for you! BEAN…welcome to our group and I am sending TONS of baby dust your way! COCO…LOL…I have been having dreams like that too…vivid dreams are supposed to be a good sign! FIRST and MILLIE, we are on the same DPO…I’m 7-8 as well but I just say that I am 7 so that when it comes to testing, I wait that one day longer…:)…T…the bb thing is a good sign. When I got my BFP last month, I started to get the tingly bb’s on 6dpo!

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