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    Is it the same as a fertility doctor



    hello im new to the site x



    morgandonor – are your cycles regular?



    QUESTION FOR ALL THAT CHECKS CERVICAL POSITION im cd 30 of a 31/32 day cycle so 2 more days untill af due i checked my cervix its kinda low firm and a tiny little bit open that pretty much means af is going to come right?



    i just did a search on what encourages implantation. (just google that and you will find it) instead i found a site that gives herbs to encourage a late mentruation and possibly prevent a pregnancy. i thought i better read it over to make sure i wasnt doing anything it listed. i was surprised to see allergy pills mentioned and also ginger and senna..also stay away from strong fumes and vitamin c 6000mg can end a pregnancy! also high vit d and a can end a pregnancy too as well as caffine. when i gave up caffeing thats when i got pregnant after 5 yrs of trying..for me i notices it would ‘bring on’ a period so i stopped and it worked.



    One of my concern with a boy being uncircumcised was how the other kids would react to it in the locker room. It sounds stupid, but let’s face it, teenagers are cruel!



    Babynav- I am totally a freak about swallowing pills! I always ask for liquid when I get prescriptions. I found CHEWABLE prenatals!!! They are tummies and rock! I’ve been taking those. I got them from Target. Good luck!!!!



    Sarah, I read back and I’m glad your DD is ok. That’s so scary.



    congrats lissie!!



    seansmom- my little brother didn’t walk until he was 14 months… he’s perfectly normal. i didn’t read up to see how old your little one is, but don’t worry about it, it’ll happen on his own time. i know how you feel about family members saying something is wrong. my psychotic mil is always telling me that there is something wrong wiht my son… he’s deaf, he’s anemic, he’s autistic… blah blah blah…. my son is perfect. she’s just crazy.



    No I am scared. Now its 5:51pm and the bleeding is heavier. I am goin go write it off and take this as a period. I don’t think the implantation stage are heavy bleeding. Perhaps the climode made my period late sighhh My husband says next month we will try again…



    Kirra – I order my OPK’s from they are really cheap and you can buy them in different amounts. They are really good..


    im due my af today and i took a hpt this morning, and got a BFN so it was in the bin about 5 hours or so and i took another peek at it and there was a faint positive…ill retest again in the morning…but what do ye think?



    owensbaby09 – I’m sorry to hear your bad news, did the doctor confirm the miscarriage yesterday? My friend recently had bleeding and cramping but the baby was fine, I had AF bleeding twice during my first trimester with my son. Unless an ultrasound or hCG levels confirm a miscarriage, keep your head up



    I heard about preseed; have actually researched and some women have conceived as early as their first month using it. Then I researched and some women taking Robitussin for doing the BABY DANCE WORKS TOO. I just have some questions: when charting I start with day 1 of my cycle the first day of menes(correct) and chart all the way through cycle(correct). I always take temp at the same day, I keep chart and thermother right next to the bed. Is there certain positions I’m not doing; because it hurts to continue ttc and not get a BFP. See, I was molested get pregnant by my cousin had a miscarriage when I was 16 and if that wasnt bad enough I got raped in college when I was 18 actually had a liittle girl, I was going through a depression, at the point I was straving myself. When I found out I was already 3months pregnant. Nowhere to go so I moved in with my mom I didn’t want the baby; but I ended up having her and I gave custody to my mom. I’m married now helping my husband raise his son, who mother died when he was two. We actually was ttc for a while but not seriously. Just amlost 6mths ago my husband and i started having talks about wanting a baby. I went to the OBGYN had my preconception checkup and was told i’m fertile and everything is fine except I carry the trait for sickle cell anemia

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