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    LC – Started yesterday with th eopk and hpt. Nothing on hpt and only the faintest of lines on opk, much lighter than yours.



    Does anyone else ovulate later than cd16?? :-/



    my DH smoked too. I’m not to sure if that means anything. I was a smoker too and quite like four days before i found out i was preggo.


    Ok ladies so i think i got my BFP :))))) I tested with mid day pee and it was neg but when i went back there were two lines!!! I know it says not to go back but do you know how many times ive done it and it satyed neg…..Plus with my last pregnancy it i did that same thing and i was indeed pregnant!!! IM so excited!!!!!!!! Im testing again on the 1st wish me luck!



    Those are EXPERIENCE hairs B3thy 😉



    @ hoping -> thanks hun I am still not getting my hopes up as I hate seeing the BFN. So I figure if I gear up for the BFN now then when I test I won’t be so gutted if that is what I see. As for ‘being in the mood’ I think back now to all the times I have had a natural AF and I was the same then. So I wonder if I had O then also, who knows. Does BD feel diff when you do it after you have conceived? Just wondering if there is anything I should watch for next time we bd?



    Can you call someone who can drive by where he is supposed to be? I’d be getting pretty upset at this point too… I am sure he’s ok, but that little chance of something having happened will always keep us scared until they call!! If you can’t track him down, I would be calling the police soon – a few hours late is one thing, but not getting home at all is quite another!



    Also we have been trying for 14-15 months and this is my second off month of clomid so something has to give soon



    In honor of my late grandma who was born and raised and lived there till age 26…HAPPY CANADA DAY To All My Way North Friends….I still have family Ive not met in New Brunswick…


    Can someone please help! I have NO period, I am still nursing my 13 month old. I just did an OPK for the first time and the second line is SO light it’s barely there. Does this mean I am VERY far away from ovulating?? I am on vitex and have gotten pregnant twice before (with my ther daughters) while not having a period.



    Saza – an implantation dip maybe????!?! Hoping for a BFP for you this month!


    I want to peeeee on a stickkkkk…. GRR! Two days ladies!



    Mine is March 18th! 🙂 Here’s to MARCH BABIES! 🙂



    mommytoabi- I’d say give a hpt a try if you have one to spare. It sounds like it would be too early, how many dpo are you?
    Turtlefur- Too funny about walking the dog!
    I’m being really good about not testing normally I’d be poas either opk or hpt but I’m out of opks and only have 5 hpts left. 7 days before af’s due! Hope time passes quickly


    I know you learn something new ttc all the time.

Viewing 15 posts - 61,966 through 61,980 (of 131,346 total)

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