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    So Diane your like me no clue when im due lmao 🙂



    Welcome Charmed! Hope your stay in TTC is short! Lilpa – YAY!! At least you can start fresh with a new cycle!!! Katmoma – Both good and bad that AF has arrived but at least you get some kind of answer lol agape – BFP!!! Congrats to you…happy and healthy 9 months!! Dmmarine – Men can be jerks!! They just don’t understand. I hope everything gets better for you! To me it looks like your OPK is still neg but DEF getting darker! Hopefully you get your positive sooner rather than later! Well I am going out for some drinks tonight for SO birthday!! I am hoping these will be my last drinks for a long time. OPK’s are far from positive so I have a ways to go before I O 🙂 I hope you ladies enjoy your weekend!!



    thanks tarajo, im super excited 🙂 we BD soooo much this cycle, if im not pregnant then im tryin soy next cycle



    Loon I’m sore from the gym, I had a session with a trainer who worked my buttttttt!!! She had me doing planks, crunches, lifting, twisting, turning, rolling. Lol. There wasn’t much I didn’t do. Lol.



    DT, i will trade u in a minute!!! im dying of heat over here lol



    Im back 🙁 Should not have tested early… Had bleeding and cramping last night which turned into a heavy period today. The doctor told me I had a blighted ovum and to let it pass and try again next month. If I didn’t test I wouldn’t have had to go through the heartbreak because my period isn’t due till Saturday so I’d just assume it was my period a few days early rather than an early miscarriage. I guess it’s better it happened now rather than a few weeks from now, but I’m still really upset 🙁



    Aw tarajo, naw, I was just here to cheer you and the rest of us on – and maybe answer the occasional question about CM 😉


    Alicia….i know exactly how you feel…..i was where you are at the beginning of this cycle….It is very hard but just hold on and try try harder because it will happen for us all! and just remember you always have us to lean on when times get rough!!!! Good Luck:)



    good to know.. thanks diane! :-)… i don’t think i have a tilted uterus, they have always told me i don’t, unless it can change on it’s own?… i do know that my uterus falls more to the right side of my body though.



    Happy thanksgiving! Sorry to hear about all the bfn’s. It totally sucks when you do everything right and still a bfn… I am 10 dpo today and ( like every month, am convinced i am pregnant!) have very painful, larger bbs. Like an addict, i have been testing with frers and BFN. I was sure it would be positive today for some reason. Also, i am sure i will test first thing in the morning, like something is going to change in 8 hours. Ugh! Just show up positive already! I hope we get several bfps in here shortly.



    lol all good k, visit and take the charting course 🙂


    Morning ladies, I got slightly confused AF is actually due today, a reminder flashed up on my phone… I thought it was tomorrow…. Still nothing as yet but i predict she shows up in the middle of the night as usual…. I don’t feel pg, I just feel like AF is on her way, although I’m not experiencing any cramping etc, or gave any pimples which I usually get…



    danielle….most doctors tell u to wait 1-3 cycles, st least after one full cycle so u can get AF back…



    Well ladies, CD1. AF just showed up. Cycle 14. I am crushed. I don’t understand why this is so hard!? I am .going to the doctor’s. So done with this!



    fabolous-I had a pap done when I was 8dpo a few cycles back and afterwards I started spotting doc said it was normal but I got all psyched up thinking it was implantation or bleeding cuz my cervix was extra sensitive since I could be pregnant etc I had never bleed after a pap before so the doc ordered blood work for me that day.

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