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    The whole drinking things really annoys me when I am with my MIL. She really is great otherwise, but she does not ‘get’ that I don’t like to drink. Whether I am pregnant, breast-feeding, or not. I just don’t. On very rare occasion, I will, but it makes me very, very tired. I only drink it if I know I’m not pregnant and if I have very normal energy levels and am not exhausted from taking care of two toddlers. I even found out I have Gilbert Syndrome, which is a problem with the liver (but a benign condition), which explains why alcohol makes me feel like crap for a day or two after drinking it! I’ve explained this to my MIL, but she still asks me when we get together, ‘Do you want a drink, too?’ when she’s asking everyone else. I don’t have any moral objections to it, it just makes me feel awful. Argh!



    But anyways i’m now 11dpo..i’m cramping on and off..not due till for af till sunday.



    Men are generally useless when it comes to grocery shopping and budgeting lol!



    wt does sound good me……I think the Is have it and wt now means *** lol



    Did a frer this morning and bfn boo! I’m on cd 27 and it’s my first month off the pill so don’t really know when I ovulated or when af is due, when I came off the pill before my cycles ranged from 28-31 days so it could have been to early? I will test again on sat morning or maybe Sunday if I can hold out that long!!!! Hopefully af stays away!!!!


    OMG!! Thats all I order when we go there is the boneless wings and chile cheese potato wedges…how weird is that!! The potato wedges are my FAVORITE!! I wish I could make them at home and have them turn out like that!!



    Hey there ladies! I havent been on all weekend…its been a little crazy!! So sorry to hear the BFN news…BLAH! So frustrating…keep your heads up girls!! As for me CD 13 and BDing every other day…I guess this week though we need to BD every day sine I usually get my positive OPK around CD 17. However, since I am OPK free this month I rather be safe than sorry!!


    Carrie did you try a silicone spout sippy cup? Its more like a bottle. My daughter drank less milk during her transition also but slowly over a couple weeks drank more.



    dawnofbaby2please- I tested yesturday morning ( 9dpo ) & got a BFN ! id say wait & few days … im testing again on Xmas Eve & so are a few other ladies ;- )



    Diane. Im glad to hear , I guess everyones different we’ve only been trying for 1 month and a cryed all day yesterday when I relised af had come on saturday. Ill proberly do the same every month haha Princessk yeh I know what u mean. Becoz use are basically the same age u would get along just like she’s a friend ?



    Afternoon ladies 🙂 just enjoying this Thursday as my 11month old tears the house apart lol NE ways so DH gets so excited about the idea of having more kids I want another boy he doesn’t give a hoot lol but I’m not sure I mean if I’m pg I will be over the moon but if not I’ll be ok and it will give me more time to lose more weight to get healthier for another bby. Good day ladies:)


    ahh yeaaa….. i hope this week goes by quick



    Yeah it’ll probably get the better of me. I’m a poas addict lucky I only ever buy the cheap ones.



    oh c….ppl with pcos should not answer that question…b/c our body don’t ovulate but once in a blue moon……..i’ve gone through 10 months w/o af! urgh. but YOU ovulate….so i’m sure it is just a matter of time



    Sherwan – sorry about AF. Wyatts – I am sorry your having a hard time. This is so difficult! I hope you get your BFP very soon! supermama, dawn and kristy – i hope you ladies get some answers soon!

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