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    if i wind up getting my BFP this month its gonna be right around the time i got pregnant with my DS. according to the doctors i got pregnant on the weekend of my bday and my bday is nov 7th which is coming up really soon so that would be kinda cool. lets hope for the best.



    I no I’m going to test again with fmu n if neg then going to book into docs for bloodwork just hoping that its not an ectopic as I’m at risk of ectopic a due to having a stomach infection which led me to having keyhole surgery a few months ago :/



    I was sweating lastnight, has anyone had this when pregnant? I normally dont sweat, but i was lastnight…



    Hi Sam. Its my 2nd time back on here too but first time on TTC. im trying for my 3rd baby. i really hope this is your month. its so frustrating when it doesnt happen. x Terriann how are you feeling? x



    Haha there both cheeky, im so glad I havnt woken to poo everywhere yet haha she doesn’t normally poo until the afternoon lol.. Luvababe maybe u did o late don’t stress ur still pregnant either way and that’s a good idea haha to get ur levels checked again coz they should of doubled??



    If I’m prego this cycle, I will be due on my b day October 14. My daughters b day is the 10th and my sons is the 19th of October. That would be 4 b days in about 9 days. How insane would that be? 🙂



    Wendy – I know how you feel I think he have days where we get really stressed about TTC and are we or arnt we this month and then some days are easier. I hope you get your BFP soon 🙂

    Monkeymomma – I am not sure I am sorry but when I was pregnant with my Son I had bleeding at 4 weeks which I mistook for my period and then had bleeding every couple of weeks until about 24 weeks. Nothing was wrong and all was fine 🙂 I hope you find out soon one way or the other.



    Any mamas here around the 6-7dpo mark?? I’ve been having a few symptoms, not entirely sure if they’re pregnancy related or not! I’ve been exhausted the last few days! Slept on the couch for 4 hrs this afternoon, heartburn the last two days, light cramping and TMI a ton of cm, enough to make my undies wet! Soo frustrating!!



    yeh i left my camera at home,wil do it tonight. i think its darker,oh i dunno.. complete change of subject,have you ever been to nz??



    CD 33 and still no AF or bfp! I don’t understand this has never happened b4! I’m using super cheap tests but that shouldn’t matter at this stage surely?! I really want to cry I’m so frustrated.


    We just have pork at the moment. My hubby was drunk talking at a BBQ a few months ago to one of our friends who have a farm. I guess he told him he wanted to buy one of his pigs, and so a few months later we got a call that our pig was at the slauter house ready to be picked up. My hubby does not remember asking for it. So now I have 250 pounds of pork at my house.



    Af has officially arrived! :/


    Darn, looks like I scared everyone off 🙁



    I am 9 dpo and took a clear blue digi. Bfn. I was so sick last night. I haven’t vomited but feel like I have the stomach flu. Anyone get that side effect while taking prometrium? I’ve only got one Internet test left. Debating if I should order more or just let it go until I can get to town to buy more.



    Hey everyone, I’m new to the TTC section, I joined this site when I was 15 weeks pregnant or so with my son! We are now TTC #2, and I got my first ever positive OPK today! I’m so excited. =]

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