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    yeah, thats what I’m afraid of. The first two times ended in MC, and the third in my daughter 🙂 I just don’t want to be ttc for years like a friend of mine. It can get depressing.



    Lol of course u tested!!! Lol too funny!



    okay, thank you Diane 🙁


    Luv- I am so so sorry. I was having the same problem in the past. Turns out, my thyroid is messed up and we never thought to check it. Huge huge hugs. I’ve had more losses than babies, including one at 19 weeks. ~~~Anyone heard from INK?? I’ve been worried all day….



    Love the video! It looks like a faint positive to me! Congrats! 🙂



    3wouldbe: I strongly suggest homeschooling your son. That will prevent you from having to medicate him, go through the hassles of iep and all kinds of meetings, etc. I have been down that road before, I am homeschooling now and love it! I think the drugs are to have your kid sit still, be quiet, and conform to public school setting. When my kids were on the drugs, they didn’t like that they couldn’t be themselves and other things. I wish I would have never kept them in ps or drugged them. They are so much happier and healthier off the meds. Just food for thought…I don’t think the option is ever presented, since a lot of ppl think that ps is the only way or the right way. Homeschooling allows for so much individualizing of learning. Just look into it and read up on how it worked for others and you might be amazed.



    jjs my mom’s name is lcy and my brother is Joe lol



    Dang dm- jus saw your comment about all the fevers! Sounds like more than just the sniffles I assumed he had. Sorry you’ve got it too. Go get some rest!



    Congratulations to Lisa and Michelle on their BFPs!! Happy Christmas to all you lovely IAP ladies – have a good ‘un!!



    Sorry ur feeling poopy brandy!!! Maybe it’s a good sign?!?….


    boo – I got bfn yesterday – but then again, I was only 9 dpo. I was just hoping to be one of those few who gets a faint line, LOL! Didn’t matter how hard I looked at it, or how many times I kept picking it up to look – no line. Dang! I knew better than to POAS, but I did it anyway. I am waiting til Saturday when I am 13 dpo. If nothing then, I will just hang out til AF shows or doesn’t show.



    Oh, and the only thing we did differently was use Fertilaid …and we used preseed but we had used it in the past… And our preacher prayed over us the week before I ovulated. He had a sermon about miracles, and how God wants to bless you with them but you need to come forth and ask, and I felt overwhelmed like I should, so we did, and he prayed for us, and three weeks later I finally got a bfp after 14 cycles!!! Seems unreal. I was diagnosed with a mild case of pcos and my husband had a sperm analysis done and was told his was low.



    Hey ladies
    I’m back. My little boy turns 2 next month and we are trying again. Last time it happened very fast so hoping history repeats itself but I am 39 now so time will tell.
    Good luck to you all.



    Anyone heard from aloha lately? I think it was her that had the IUI recently and I’m wondering the outcome? Or was it someone else? Just wondering…



    My Dh and I have been bickering over everything. I think it is the pressure of ttc. There shouldn’t be pressure it should be fun. I don’t think it helps that we just want it to happen so we can move on to the next step!!

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