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    mari– I definitely go back and forth too. I know I want another, DH and I are on the same page and the age gap with DS will be perfect but then I just have days that something doesn’t go right and I start to wonder ‘is this really the right time?’ and then I think ‘well maybe if I’m not pregnant this time, we will skip the next cycle or 2 and try again later..’ I just have to keep telling myself that we WANT this and there is never going to be the perfect time to have a baby!



    Hey ladies! First off COngrats to all you ladies that have gotten your BFPs! Wishing you all a happy healthy 9 months! makes 13 days late! No signs at all of AF..but all I’m gettin is BFNs! Got my OB to do an HCG Quant last week, that was a Neg as well…but he told me to test again this week. But I just don’t see the use in it! Has anyone else been this late with only BFNs and still was pregnant? I’m just so annoyed with it all. My AF has always been regular.



    sher-baby-That’s all it takes! 🙂 Kmfx for you!



    baby – I am also having that! Since Ovulation though. Cramps like AF on and off and dull lowere backache. Fingers crossed it is a tiny little jelly bean implanting 😀



    Sherbaby- WTF went away for 30 hrs come back to a crazy busy thread. and what BFP so excited right now. Congrats. What is your EDD mine is 4/12 but will be a c-section. and my DH bday is also 8/26 and I have had some crazy bloating too.
    Babytwee- KMFX can’t wait to get up and see if you tested
    jellybellybean3- my implantation I felt was about 7dpo it was in one spot i was pretty bloated for a few days I got a super faint positive the next day and on 9DPO got my BFP.
    dawnofbaby3please- Congrats on your BFP
    SugarSprouts – depeds on how long your cycle usually is. CD 12 would be correct if you have a 28 day cycle because you would ovulate on cd 14 and you want to BD as much as possible in the 36 hrs before ovulation and 24 hrs after ovulation. If you were hoping for a girl I would suggest you start BD’ing 5-6 days before you expect to ovulate to increase your odds.
    Bre2015 sorry for your loss I too have also had 3 miscarriages but also been blessed with 3 beautiful children. If all goes well #4 will be joining our family in April.
    Beth Q I still gotta go check out your pics but both my husband and myself have been having dreams of twins my bff even had a dream the day before my BPF that I had triplets so def curious to see
    so with all these BFP what are your EDD



    BABY…I am great and getting anxious to POAS…LOL. How are you today? We are close in cycles this month, who knows…maybe we’ll get to share a week…YAY.



    Illness is such a waste of time! Sorry to hear that damnkat! I’m on my 8th day today and was awake most of the night coughing and had to re-schedule a meeting this morning!! Not good! I should buy opks I think as I base it on cm and fertility chart data but it would be nice to know for certain exactly which day I ovulated! I think I ovulated yesterday so hopefully that one session of BDing last night will have done the trick! It only takes one little fella!! Think I may have experienced a little ovulation pain just now on my right side so fingers crossed I have! I’m going to ignore my temperature spike two days ago as I’ve had a fever induced temp for 3 days now so that data is unreliable!! So I’m in the 2ww again!! I’m not going to drive myself mad by tuning into my body and imaging every twinge breath and movement is pg related’ I’m going to keep myself busy, focus on my other kids and family life and wait for some bigger indicators….sore boobs/nipples, nausea, needing to pee a lot more, and that metallic taste! Everything else will be in my head!!



    Good Morning Ladies, Hope everyone is doing Well. I’m on CD13 and hope to be Ovulating any day now. I’m not temping or using OPK’s I’m just using hope and waiting to see if it’s going to work.



    So another BFN today and I’m guessing I’m about 10DPO. I am actually encouraged though because Last night around 10:30 I had really sharp centralized pain in uterus and its been on and off cramping all day today. KMFX this is implantation and I get my BFP in the next few days. Stick baby Stick!



    Great website too 🙂 I’ve been reading it between activities with the kids.


    @jory927 Yep, just starting! I’m hoping for a December baby so I can be on maternity leave during the cold Wisconsin winter. But we are just getting kind of antsy so we are starting a little early. Our first was a honeymoon baby. We thought it was going to take a long time to conceive because our parents both had fertility issues. Not the case for us last time.But you never know what will happen this time. 🙂



    Ashley is your doctor male or female?



    yay ruby! me too :0D get postin! lol



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    hope2bpregsoon – there is DEFO still hope!!! are you going to test again in a couple of days? good luck x
    Come on blesseddaily – Positive mental attitude! we are all hoping for a BFP for you x…….for us all x x x

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