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    @Horne – congrats…. hope it’s a lovely 9 months…

    @hoping – looks like you and I will be testing around the same time… FX for us both – I too don’t think that this is the month – but can’t help interpreting every single sensation as a possible sign… oh dear 🙂



    boyOboy- bf only noticed my hair cut cuz it went from being middle of the back long to kate+8 short!!!!



    @ smashley89 -> I agree with sunflower I would seek a second opinion. If it was her in your shoes you bet your last dollar she would be all over trying to get answers. How rude was that to say wait for the 3rd MC before we look into why. Does she have any idea what it does to a woman to have a MC? I have never had one that I am aware of even thought I think I may have back in 2002 but hard to say as it would have been just after implantation if I did. GL hun hope you find a Dr who cares.



    amy, u count AF as the first day of full flow, so for which u would need a pad or tampon



    Baby ur hcg Sounds fine! Linzip i usually o cd14 but did o late 3 mths ago on. cd18 so dont worry



    I get worried about his smoking slowing his sperm down, but he reminds me often that many many many smokers have gotten pg before, which is a good point 🙂


    congrats trying H&H 9 months to u. and marinewife that is sooo sweet something out of a movie lol. 🙂 dh has been lovely too and keep rubbing my belly, but he knows without help it womt happen, so im super super preying that clomid works for us. 🙂



    Hey Eeyore 🙂 Good luck with the Avon sales – I just noticed you’re giving it a go again.



    lil pigz- the pos OPK helps me too, but I’m up for it all the time anyway. Even more so that I want another baby!



    i dont know where he would be tho…hes supposed to come home…he most likely is fine but im a mess…been up crying and worried all night



    hey girls just ordered some fertilitea online. cant wait to try it out and tell you girls how it works out. i am cycle day 6



    hope – Thanks for the happy Canada day thoughts!! I hope you have a great Independence Day on Saturday!!



    All DH has to do to get my libido fired up is hand me his credit card LOL!!!!! j/k ….a little. But in all seriousness, I think the lingerie helps me too.


    Quick Question .. Does an OPK strip only show if you are fertile or would it show if I was ovulating as well? Sorry if thats a dumb question since the name is Ovulation Prediction but I just wasn’t sure



    Well it’s been 5 days since my mirena was removed so I’m now just waiting for my cycle to go back to normal I’m thinking about getting some OPKs just to test so I can have a bit more of an idea on what’s going on.. Not really TTC just yet but if it happens it happens.. Just want to get back to a regular cycle first .. Anyone have any advise on how long this could take?

Viewing 15 posts - 62,476 through 62,490 (of 131,346 total)

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