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    sorry to hear that hun…hugs!


    Just posted bfp picture from last night! What do you ladies think?? Last picture on last page~!



    yea they were nasty. and tylenol didnt touch it.



    kristy, I know what you mean about not telling too many people that you are TTC. And why do random people feel like it’s okay to just bring up the topic, uninvited? One of my friends, who has 3 kids under 5 said that people in the grocery store and other public places come up to her, assess her situation, and say, ‘Are you done now?’ She said she feels like being rude and saying back, ‘You know you’re talking about sex, right?’



    Thanks! I really hope to get a bfp!! I haven’t taken any tests yet..i’m not sure how i’m actually waiting!



    Lol… Very true.


    yea pretty sure all of us can figure wt out.

    4dpo kaidey



    Good Luck Sweetbabyboy!!!! my test was bfn too.. im retesting the 24th if i make it wo af…



    fair – OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s unbelievable!!! Ok ladies…gotta go do some work. Hope everyone has a great weekend and baby dust to all!!! 🙂



    I don’t know how. we been active every other day since November. how the hell could I miss my ovulation period??? this is crazy I was really hoping for implanation the blood is only when I wipe nothing in my panties.. sorry if that was tmi ..



    Thanks C and cherry – I think I’m going to take her out and buy a ‘special sippy’ for her (a different kind than she has now) and maybe she’ll recognize that as something different and want to drink her milk from it. She only has 1 sippy now and knows that’s what her water is in. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂



    OMG I think I have a BFP for #3!!!! :0O WOW!!!! We aren’t telling anyone yet. Heck I am waiting until Christmas to tell DH! I am in SHOCK lol. I have to test because I don’t think i believe it!



    Wow, those are huge breaks tahlias!! I thought I had big age differences! One brother and step-sis are 4 years older than me, and my oldest bro is 8 years older than me. My step-sis has only been part of my life for 10 years, but growing up, I never felt close to my brothers. We loved each other of course, and they were great ‘protectors’ but we could not relate to each other until I moved home from university at age 21. I hope my kids will have a little more in common while growing up.


    1DPO for me…yay! Nothing much to report except sore nipples and few left over O type cramps.



    hello everyone! im feeling really really sick and dizzy today, idid 2 hpt yesterday which possibly had a very faint line,although so faint i was questioning it until today. I did one test this morning and it was extremely faint, so faint i couldnt see any colour to it really although it showed up in the time frame. I held my pee for over 4 hours and tested again later in the day and this time definitely a line with colour! Very early days though, im 9 dpo. I had an 11 day luteal phase last month so going by that im due on tomorrow. 11 days isnt much, it worried me although i was just off BC so who knows. Its my first month trying!! sorry such a long message!

Viewing 15 posts - 62,581 through 62,595 (of 131,346 total)

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