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    Thanks same to you midwest:)



    Aloha is usually in the advanced age forum



    I’m here! ha ha. Sorry, I have been gone all weekend. No internet yet, we just moved. We moved alll weekend! And still are missing the washer and dryer! It was exhausting! What’s up with you celest?



    Sher-baby and floydianslip2- I have experienced spotting after sex before multiple times in the past and I think it just happens when things are vigorous and a bit more rough.The cervix is so very tender and the uterus can get shaken up at times.When I experienced it, it was often right after sex and just super light pink spotting.after being in there a couple hours it could easily turn a light brown too.Lets not forget that brown spotting can also be a sign of implantation… not sure what cycle day you two ladies are on though.



    I know what you mean aubree. I know in my mind it will happen when it does… but we are all ready for it to happen now!!!



    Just like to give you all a little hope 🙂 I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and this baby was conceived on cd 37!!! I ovulate very late, all the best ladies xx



    Bean… that is so funnny! I think imay just do that for a choke with my huby just to see his reaction… lol


    Thank you for the congrats. I’m due 10th April
    Good luck all



    That does not sound bad at all whitty. What are your cycles like? Fairly regular?


    I am guessing my AF is on her way AGAIN, the 7th marks 15mnths of ttc!!!
    Seriously considering giving up trying, I am fine all the way through my cycle, then once I know I am coming to the end and due af I crumble…. I start looking up stupid things like ‘do you still get pms symptoms even if you were pregnant blah blah blah’ I should know by now that anything relating to ttc is never straight forward, some do some don’t just like a million questions you could ask about it!
    I start reading into my symptoms (which are most probably af) and hope that I have magically gotten pregnant.
    I have never found ttc this hard before. =( Sorry for being so negative!



    lisa- everyone’s different. and quite a few seem to be able to get some + preg tests at 10dpo… I’d be testing but I’m addicted haha



    Hello ladies. We just began TTC. My LMP was Sept 29th… I didn’t chart my ovulation using an LH test or BBT, but we have been DTD at least every other day, especially during the most fertile days according to my cycle. So I’m on cycle day 24… since I have a big pack of hCG test strips, I’m going to start testing on Friday (CD26) and do so every 48 hours until a BFP or AF comes! 🙂


    Grrrrrrrrrrrr.. i’m so mad with my hubby – we were supposed to Bd last night and he fell asleep! I got a pos opk friday at 12pm – BD’ed 1pm and then again Saturday afternoon and was hoping last night too until he fell asleep – now i am thinking i haven’t BD enough – i suppose today will be too late? Grrrr MEN!!!!



    I could never survive Wisconsin! I’m down in GA and everyone is starting to scramble with the forecast of possible flurries this weekend! Lol. How old is baby #1? My daughter is 1 1/2 and I’m already trying to find a way to help her through the thought of sharing me.



    no i wasn’t going to say anything bad i just wondered because man just do do things differently and i had to push mine sometimes to make him understand i couldn’t wait. Does he know how much you want a baby? maybe you should talk to him more try and push things forward a little.

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