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    Ok so here I go as well. I have been reading this forum for the past month and am also not new to this site as I have a nearly 7 month old. Me and hubby are also casually TTC our #2… I cant wait to have a second I was just concerned about the age difference however have been thinking non stop everyday and realised that #2 will be hard and have challenges no matter what the age diff is, we had a little accident last month so there is a small chance I may be preggo now but I doubt it… I am really looking forward to this journey and hopefully you ladies wont be around for long but I’m sure I’ll catch up with you all in the pregnancy forums… Any mums out there with a 6-8mth old TTC for #2, I’d love to hear from you 🙂 and anyone else of course…


    it is possible i suppose as it says on my calender it should have happened on the 12th. Im just desperate that i think im clinging onto each bit of hope x



    Y’all are crazy…but wonderful


    FML. I hate this 2ww. I feel like this entire cycle was a waist of time.. Brown spotting off and on since Saturday.. . I BDed at all the right time an even had EWCM (it was just brown) but then my body just decided it needed to spot brown for 4 DAYS. Next month is my last chance to get a BFP before hubby leaves for 4 month.. 🙁 Sorry for the vent..



    urgh. me too. fortunetly, clomid hasn’t really carried too many side effects. what dose are you on Cherryb0m?



    Yes those symptoms sound very familiar to pregnancy, you need to take a test close next week when your AF is due.



    Question ladies how long should i keep the stick in the urine cup? this is the first time i do it



    I was only just,didn’t even miss a period yet…doesn’t make it hurt less….



    Hey Ladies just went to my OB today she told me everything was normal according on my ultrasound.. she thinks its a hormonal problem and coz of my long cycles i might ovulate but the egg doesn’t mature enough so she put me on clomid ifi start my next cycle and wants to do the dye to check on the tubes since i had 2 abdominal surgeries.



    Hey ladies…AF due yesterday and no sign of her. I will wait until next week if she hasnt shown and test then. Has anyone heard from Keegansmommy? She was supposed to go to the Dr. on Monday and I havent seen a post. Baby Dust to all!



    Phoenix – im feeling relieved to be honest, im glad to be in the safe zone. Wel kinda doctors said if they see a HB at 7+ weeks chances of m/c are much less.

    I havent had morning sickness but have been feeling dizzy and feeling sick (not actually been sick though)

    11 weeks huh it feels like its gone so fast, im looking forward to my scan tomorrow but scared because of all the problems ive had.



    Diane — I am sorry about the false result. That is really upsetting. Hope you feel better soon!!! Best wishes…keep your head up!



    lol……i am glad that charlotte is getting a good amount of fluids into her and she is obviously starting to take in food again



    ChayLynn – In the past 1.5 years my hubby and I have had one neo natal death and 2 miscarriages, I have endomitriosis, incompetent cervix, double uterus/cervix, and a 90% chance of getting a subchrionic hematoma which gives me a 50% chance of miscarriage and we are still trying again with our doctors guidance. With the last miscarriage I bled a ton and ended up in the hospital on morphine and so they could monitor my blood loss and a month after that had to get a D&C, that was back in October. I am not giving up yet though. We just have to be confident and keep going.



    I have only been chart since about may…but 2 cycles ago was promising which is the second one on but this is the most promising I have had yet

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