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    My temperature rose this morning so 2WW here I come!!! Hope it goes quickly and my temp keeps staying high! Good luck to all the other ladies in their 2WW, BFP please!!!!



    thanks…im on my cd17…did alll my bdin since day 1…lmao sry tmi!



    babybump and woozie, I’m also on CD29. I have had really horrible stomach cramps, mostly after I eat, for the past 5 days or so. It feels like a mix of nausea and hunger, but in a really painful way. Since my cycles are so irregular, I don’t know when I’ll test. Good luck to you guys and everyone else! Baby dust!! 🙂



    Wannabeamum, I totally understand. I’m at 11 dpo and tested already, lol.



    Ha ha ha! Ohhh Lains, compromise and BD every other day. Tell him you will dress up as the naughty nurse, french maid or she devil if he has a headache 😉



    Okay girls I need your advice. I have recently started working our with a personal trainer. He knows that I am ttc. As I woke up this morning I’ve had a few cramps hopefully implantation *crosses fingers* . I’m 5dpo. Do you think it’s safe to work out with my trainer at this time?



    I’m on Cd 20. Today I have (TMI) Diarrihea, which I never have, and as I was driving home from dropping off my SO at work, I got really nauseous to the point where I was about to throw-up in the car. I unbuttoned my pants in order to stop the feeling. I temp when I got home also, it was 98.7… Usually it’s 97.4. So, I hope those are all good signs!



    Saza…ur high temp was probably that of a restless nite, are u using if so, u are able to disgard one or two ‘off’ temps during the month….ur temp should not rise more than .3 degrees before O but it can, are u temping vaginally? u will get more accurate results that way too 🙂



    alugo have u thought about temping or opking??



    My is firm and all as well so I am trying not to read to much into it.



    So, ladies….other than the obvious implantation bleeding, let me ask you this….what else causes very minimal, light brown / pinkish discharge off and on for a day or two – ten days after a period ends, when bleeding and AF is always normal and regulated? I can’t think of a single thing other than IB, honestly….if any of you know of anything, please share! I really do want to consider all options, and I’m determined to get my mind off of waiting on a BFP. If there’s any possibility that it’s something else, I gotta know! Otherwise I’m likely to be devastated when I get my BFN. And damn me for not charting PMS symptoms and O and all that….Now IDK if my symptoms came too early to be PMS or if they are in fact PG related. Damn i’m just second guessing everything and driving myself nuts!! PS my son is driving me crazy as well and I’m on the verge of either pulling my hair out or stroking! THX for listening girls =)



    Who else is in the 2ww? Ugh…i am 5dpo at the most…ive never felt like this before! I have this dull ache in my uterus that radiates towards my back and no its not cramps 🙂 and im starting to get tired a lot, its 9:30am here and i just woke up at 9am haha poor DD was awake since 8am and i didnt hear her cuz i was out cold lol this month feels way diff than the last…maybe baby? What do u all think of my symptoms?


    DPO4 and the wait is killing me…… O-ed on the 16th and we BD-ed the 13th and 14th and a couple hours after i O-ed on the 16ths so i’m hoping we timed everything right



    Have there been any new BFPs in the last few days?



    my basal took a whole degree dive this am…expect AF within a week. I see no need to use HCG tests while doing basals, I can tell just by looking at my temps that I’m not pregnant.

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