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    Hi ladys…is there a page.on facebook? for trying to concive where we can all talk…



    well I have an HRA card that covers them and its not cost to me no matter how many hpts I buy. so Ill give it a rest until Monday when ill be 11DPO


    Hey Ladies

    I would be really interested in hearing your stories of getting pregnant after mirena removal. I had mine for 2.5 yrs with light spotting here and there. Had it removed Sep 26th and bleed for 4 days after. Assuming it was a cycle hubby and I planned accordingly and the past 3 weeks I have been having some intense pregnancy symptoms much like when I was pregnant with my son. Morning sickness, tender breasts, heart burn, and overall being tired. I have taken 2 PG tests both negative last Friday was the latest. I know these feelings could be my body adjusting from the mirena removal but come on its going on 4 weeks. Any advice or experiences would be great.



    im getting so discouraged 🙁 tested again and got another BFN 🙁 🙁 🙁 my AF is still about 6-7 days away so maybe there is still hope??



    Hi all! I am new to the ttc forum, but not to the site. I joined when I was pregnant with my DD in 2009. Now my DH and I are ttc baby #2!! So excited to hopefully get my BFP this month! Thinking positive thoughts!!



    Jenny- I have a friend with a double uterus. She didn’t know she was pregnant because she kept getting her period in her ‘second’ uterus, while the other one was pregnant. She can’t conceive in the second uterus… but it still has a cycle.



    5dpo slightly tender under my arms to my boobs.



    Am on CD25 of a usual 26-28 cycle. Not sure if i ov’d this cycle as had no surge on opk and no real obvious temp rise but i was ill with a cold, i did have EWCM though so who knows. I have sore nipples and boobs, and usually i only get sore boobs…fingers crossed! Baby dust!!



    3wouldbeperfect – thanks! I don’t quite trust my body either at this point 🙂 Af is 9 days late today and i keep noticing ‘the symptoms’ but still, bfn is a bfn… Also, I hope you’ll get your BFP soon, you deserve it after everything you went through!



    As much as i want this month to be the one i dont think it will be. I didnt test for ovulation like i wanted and im not sure if i bedded enough. (hubby was not cooperating) I was set to ovulate on either the 5th or 7th depends which calandar i follow but i may have early cause there was the most cm on the 4th so who knows. I dont feel as if i bedded enough. I know they say the every other day way is the best but it just makes me like it wasnt. I bedded on the 30th, 2nd, 4th, and 6th and will tonight though prob too late.. Wanted to on the 5th and 7th but hubby wasnt in the mood…GRRR!!! Had some spotting on the 4th and 6th who knows what that is. I feel very confused with my body right now. Af is due on the 20th….so we shall see 12 more days til i know for sure…. Going to be a LONG 12 days!


    Went to the doctor this morning. He put me on clomid and told me to start it immediately and not wait for AF because I am on CD 35 and no sign of her. Since my periods are sporadic and irregular he said we would just do it now and see what happened.



    lol, im gonna have to prepare to get down and dirty. Your the best! I pretty much have a clue on what to look for lol.



    Shay I’m cramping too… :-/ the shit we go through ttc… Lol



    really? wow, thats a great deal! only i dont think if I order them today ill get them on time for this cycle, If this isnt my month Ill buy some. Thank you.



    good luck to all you ladies that’s are so close together! I hope you all get your BFP’s in the next week or so!!

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