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    Diane-takewo- hi i was wondering what you think of my situation since you seem to give reaaly ggod advice and know alot about this stuff



    anybody use the countdowntopregnancy site?
    its been down off and on for 3 days.. really beginning to tick me off. can’t log in and chart my bbt when i need to… have to wait until I can get into the site



    thanks Tina. awww Berry, we are your friends! I am not sure on your question Tina, Im sorry.



    **Choo Choo!!** Wow, the BFP train is getting FULL!! Remember ladies, there is always room for one more 😉 Congrats RUBY!!!! Tell hubby to look at the BFP pics on my website! Sure, I never believe the first faint line, but two = PREGNANT!


    Hey ladies vow are you all?? I have not been on here for years! However my coil is out now as it was inserted wrong which caused discomfort and bleeding alot!!. I have been doing OPK to see if my body is trying to ovulate due to me also having PCOS. I’ve had a fair few of positive OPK so my question is ladies. How long have u all had positive OPK for?



    Thank u sooo much!!!
    im sooo happy!



    Sorry to hear that hoping, but there is lots of treatment available to help sperm production, morphology and motility! It’s a ‘road block’ but not an impassible one! Send me a message if you want to chat about stuff I’ve found out on boosting sperm.



    Go away Natalies boss!



    Thanks Whitty. I am debating on just stopping all together b/c this was a ‘perfect’ month for hubby and I. :/


    You mean a lot of semen right? Unless you can see the sperm…….LOL…….



    Good luck to the testers who have yet to POAS! ***SHAKE, SHAKE!*** I am on my way to work, so I’ll be back on soon!



    Ladies, big questions…need help. Ok so my Af was due to arrive and since friday I been spotting only. Meaning when I wipe I can see a spot of blood and that’s been since friday…do you think that is AF? 3 days of stopping and dont feel any AF symptoms…..should I consider that Af? please helppppp! thanks and congrats to all BFP



    congrats shavg and brittanydesire! Way to go! Much luck and happiness to you both.


    Oh, duh! Thanks Hope2bprgsoon! Hello! LOL…….Im blind i tell u!



    mamadear…YIKES…I hope that it all turns out alright for you! A girl that I worked with had that same phone call and had to go for a bunch of testing including the colposcopy, she had some pre-cancerous cells that they were able to remove, then she got pregnant right after!!!! The doctor just continued to check on her and still did 2 smears while she was preggers and as far as I know, 5 years later, she is just fine. Nothing else ever happened other than she got pregnant again and had her second baby 2 years ago! Try and stay as positive as you can…*hugs*

Viewing 15 posts - 63,256 through 63,270 (of 131,346 total)

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