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    i would have to say a false positive



    LadyGodwin- I am due to start AF Monday also. I used First Response; it says it tells you 6 days early but I didn’t have a positive until this afternoon so 4 days early. TMI alert I held my wee all afternoon and was dying by the time I got home! It came with 3 tests so I am gonna test again probably in the morning to see if it gets darker and then again Monday when I am due. This is the last baby so I might has well use them all:-)



    even if you get a BFN it could be just too early, so then take another in a week, but it may be positive!



    I am in my 2WW too 🙂 Fingers crossed



    16 dpo



    Took a HPT and got a BFN 🙁 im gutted 🙁 wasnt sure when to test because havent bled since coming off BC but it was clear as day BFN. I suppose on the bright side we have a works night out at the weekend and atleast I can have a few cheeky drinks 🙂


    After I get of the computer, I’m going to have to delete the cookies and history, just in case my sneaky teenagers get on my puter tomorrow while I’m at work. LOL



    Yea, that quote is great! I’m the drunken husband in my marriage, too! Freakin hilarious! No but really…I’ll be putting ‘the moves’ on DH and he is like ‘Noooo-OOO-oo!’ LOL Are you kidding me? Why am I warming you up?! Hahaha! Luckily, somehow, it works for us!



    It’s snowing right now in SC. It’s so pretty.



    Any ladies know where i can order lots of cheap OPKS? dont want to spend alot of $ bc idk if im even ovulating yet…also any tips on how to use em?



    Thanks! How are you tonight Trying?



    Midwest – I get that sometimes too…gets me all excted thinking it is ‘implamtation’…which it could be…(I had a pain like that when I got preggo with my dd)…which of course messes with me whenever I feel it since I started ttc aagin. LOL
    I am not sure what it is…..sigh.
    I will keep ya posted on the every-other day method.



    yeah i read that too but would it still stay opened a little? mine usually has a small opening since ha had my daughter in 2007



    i just did some searching on what might help the egg implant…heres some things i read: baby asprin, pineapple fresh its possibly the bromelian, seleium, rest, accupunture, sunflower seeds…anyone know any other things? on a personal note..when i got pregnant i noticed that i took prednisone for allergies..i took aprox 5mg a day for 10 days starting 2 days after i most likely ovulated. i know becaus i was worried when i found out i was pregnant..but then came to believe it was probably what helped me:)



    My spotting has changed from red to brownish red but now I have mild cramping. And with the worlds worst cold, I’m not in the mood for AF. What do you all think? Do I still have a chance?

Viewing 15 posts - 63,331 through 63,345 (of 131,346 total)

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