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    Aternoon ladies how are we ?


    i also done the lunar cycle. but this may sound silly but i dont know how to read it lol :S does that sound weird haha, someone please help me out haha. TIA



    Thank You Arctic! The dh has to work but Ill enjoy the holiday regardless…


    My cervical mucus is still creamy, lots of it though. Waiting for it to change before I take any more tests. Ikeep looking at my OPK wishing it was a pregnancy test 🙁 boo! lol



    Amanda-Thanks! It’s good to hear from someone else cuz I was just feeling dumb, lol! I guess that’s what I get for going with the cheaper test though, huh? I just order some off of but I don’t know if I can wait till Monday or Tuesday for those to arrive. I might have to ask DH to pick up an EPT or First Response on the way home from work, haha!


    DeaS – I think I just depends, it can take anywhere up to 6 months or so. After having my most recent implant out, I came on about 6 weeks after, last time I got pregnant within 2 weeks of having it out. if you have an iPhone, download ‘Period Tracker’ it is very helpful



    I am a pisces…but I am on the cusp. 🙂 Both my other children are Virgos and my DH is a gemini..(YIKES!)…lol. So it would be nice to have another sign in the house!



    Mommy to Abi- I think you may be going to O soon. Keep OPK’ing and it may go pos tomorrow or the next day. BD just in case. You really never know what your body will do after coming off birth control.



    well yesterday I was on here feeling bad. this morning I took two home pregnancy tests and both say pregnant. My husband and I are ecstatic. We only hope and pray that things go well. Good luck to everyone else I hope you get a positive test soon.



    @ turtlefur -> at least when you work out you see results. I have PCOS and a bad case of it so no matter what I do it is hell to shed a few pounds. Not only do I have that against me but the extra unwanted pounds runs in the family GGRRR can’t seem to catch a break nowhere lol.



    I wish it was your turn! I always feel extra sad for those who are trying to get #1… like I can count the blessing that I do have (that is currently screaming tonight. She’s SO tired but doesn’t want to miss anything so we’re tryyyying to let her cry it out a little and it’s the first time I’ve tried and it makes me sad! :0/ )



    @ TaylorTTC airlines only don’t recomend flying in 1st and last tri mester just incase something goes wrong and they don’t want you to be in a forgein country needing medical help also the DVT risk but that is prob more for 3rd tri, you’ll be fine I know loads of people who fly right through until 28 weeks, have a great holiday and hope you get a BFP for your birthday pressie, is this your 1st time leaving DD?



    Hello Ladies. Well I’m 7 dpo and a little cramp around my left ovary today. TMI…I had a little bit of EWCM today, but it wasn’t very much. Then I’ve been having alot of discharge all day, which isn’t normal for me. Has that happened to anyone before?


    I tested with a dollar store cheapy and an ovulation test last night after my BFP and got both bfn. I’m sure it’s just too early. I will test with a digital tomorrow morning and hopefully it will say pregnant. I am staying positive but I know how things can go this early on. I just want to be sure that my levels and getting higher.



    CPalmer, that is great news! Let me know how the progesterone works out for you! I will start next cycle with progesterone unless I end up with a BFP this month. (I’m feeling more hopeful about an August BFP though 😉

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