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    11dpo BFN today but a bad evap line haha. Stupid Target tests! I’ll try again on Wednesday.



    luckily my next door neighbor can babysit, but if i move then i am stuck



    Going To start testing this weekend my doctor seems to think I am pregnant since my progesterone is so much higher this month than it ever has been but I am still not convinced cause I dont have any full blown syptoms but I hope the doctor is right and this is it



    My EWCM has shown up as fr as a week in advance of me O’ing. I can’t remember who asked that now. Sarah – good luck to you!!!


    hey everyone..I have been a member of this site for about 3 years now my DD is 2 years 7months and my partner and I have decided to TTC this month..I wont be able to test for about 2 weeks which is really frustrating having to wait but I think my most fertile was on Mon so we have been BDing. Today I am feeling a bit sick, do any of you think it would be too soon to been feeling any sickness if I am pregnant? It’s just when I was pregnant with my DD I was constantly sick in the first trimester..couldn’t keep anything down!



    ok, i have a question.. i have had multiple bowel movements today.. like all of a sudden it hits me.. is this relevant to pregnancy.. i test in 5 days.. or is this just TMI sorry.. lol.. only on this site can you ask questions like that and not feel uncomfortable.. lol


    I was on the pill for 8 years. I took my last pill on May 1st. The normal withdrawal ‘period’ started as usual, on May 6th and lasted until May 10th. I haven’t started my period since then. So today (June 9th) makes it 30 days since I’ve had any vaginal bleeding (except for a slight amount on the toilet paper a couple of weeks ago). I’m figuring that my body is still regulating itself from being on the pill, but my question is: How long should I wait for AF to come before I take a pregnancy test? I don’t want to waste a test by testing too early. Thank you in advance! 🙂


    Ladies i have been feeling really sick today and i found one hpt in the the drawer hiding while i was putting things away – i have just uploaded a pic please could you have a look and confim that this is an evaporation line?



    Hi ladies!!! So I’ll be trying for the 3rd month in a row now, I’m supposed to ovulate some day this week, so I’m going to get busy lol, although is hard when my cycle keeps changing every month hopefully I’ll get my BFP this month 🙂 lots of baby dust for all of you 🙂


    Plastic Paddy- is what I have been called by irish when I was back home in the USA. I don’t think I was called it here- well except by my hubby. He does say it jokingly but it is usually said meanly.



    well im ment to be Ovulating for the next 2 nights
    🙂 fingers crossed the magic happends!! will be BD all night long lol



    Pink diamond – Ok. I’ve never really tried to pinpoint my fertility via CM, I bought the maybe baby microscope. I might try BBT next if AF comes.


    mamtmaj~~so sorry to hear about your loss! I just had m/c a week ago and I know how awful you must feel right now. I now go between this forum and the ttc after loss forum. There are a lot of ladies who have been through what you are going through on the ttc after loss side that are a lot of help with any questions!



    Kristin and Ruby you’ve got me ROFL, I have to say this is one of the best forum conversations that we’ve had recently.



    @ joey and Isabelle- thanks for the encouragement! I def need it right now 🙂 I’m going to test again in the am so *fingers crossed* pleeeease let this be it!! I’ll update tomorrow 🙂

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