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    Hi ladies I am truly hopeing this is my month it would be so awsome. Maybe then id be in the pregnacy club again. My sister and my aunt and I where all preggers and I lost mine must say that I feel really really left out now. So my cervix is high and opened but I don’t have any cm for ovulation I been beding every other day so I hope its gonna work. But I did take a vicodin last night because of a migrain I had DOES ANYONE KNOW IF IT IS OKAY TO TAKE MEDS WHILE TRYING TO CONCIEVE THEY ARE PRESCRIPITON. Anyway good luck to all of us and CHRISTINA G I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE POS TEST AND THEN AF.



    C…..Its so good. Makes me want to go home and get some more….lol



    Loveher congrats on your BFP! I hope I will get mine this month…. I need some help from you ladies. When do you think I can start to test? I came off from the Pill beginning of September. So I’m CD 30 now. If I am maybe pregnant, will a test be able to confirm it by now?



    COOL there’s a lot of us texans on here. Amanda is from tx too.



    WELCOME petuniabeth and maddiek.
    lilpa and brit- I guess I’ll test Wednesday so exciting gives me reason to be patient lol. all of the sudden my bbs are tender and I have some back pain. all things that happen before the witch comes so which ever comes first Wednesday or AF we’ll see.



    BFN. something must be wrong with me then, im kinda worried… and im going back on my bc pills after this AF, i have PMDD so if i don’t take them I feel pretty crappy. I either wanted a BFP, or to be able to finally get back on my bc, now i can’t have either. My doctor said wait till first day of AF to start… for everyone who doesn’t know, AF IS *TEN* DAYS LATE



    For everyone asking about the cough syrup…. There is actually a pill over the counter you can get at the pharmacy that you can take three times a day if you do not like the taste of cough syrup. All you do is go into the pharmacy and ask them for ‘Guaifenesin’ pills. They will know exactly what you are talking about. You can use any cough syrup as long as the ONLY ingredient is Guaifenesin. I swear this stuff works…i got pregnant this month and this was my first try using it. I took it 3 times a day from the minute af went away and I stopped taking it about 3 dpo 🙂 hope that helps. I am only 13dpo and my test line on first response is now just as dark as the control line 🙂 I posted a pic on my page!! I cant believe it is so dark as my period isnt even due till tomorrow!!



    welcome back lisey! good luck hun !!! xxxx



    hello lovely ladies,how are we all?? Well i havent been on IAP for about a month now (figured i need a much needed break)… AF decided to show her ugly un-wanted face on Sunday (1 day late mind you ). In 6 more days will mark our 18th month of TTC,i cant believe we’ve been trying that long with nothing to show for it ! Hopefully the new year brings me more luck !! : D Congrats to all the BFP’s & sending loads of *BABY DUST* to all that need it x x o o



    why oh why did i get left home alone with a pregnancy test 🙁 (hangs head in shame )
    yes i did just do a test 🙁



    allicia- i know- the pics are crap. i sent it to mommy to abi’s email for if u want i can send it to you also- bc my good friend thinks im crazy now. lol.


    yeah…shes right…i lost my father when i was 9 and i will always cherish those memories i have of him forever….and the one thing that was good about losing him was i learned to really truley appreciate everyone and everything around me. life is such a blessing whether you are religious or not and so many people take it for granted even though its not purposefully. It’s tragedies like this that sadly remind us of what we have and to be thankful



    Congrats MommyMelissa1!!!


    Where is everyone at in thier cycles?



    Mommyto6 the month I got pregnant I had a whole week of positive opk’s and I never had that happen before

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