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    Starburst: If The July spotting was a true period, I estimated a conception date of July 10 (it was a weekend, maybe you and hubby were gettin’ frisky on a Friday night – lol!) your due date would be Friday April 2nd 2010 … that may be WAYYYY off though if the spotting was implantation, you might be due in mid-March. 🙂


    and my Bestie and her 3… 🙁


    lindsey1979 – welcome to the TTC page! Have you taken a test yet?



    yeah I had a friend that took a early test that came bk BFP and she didn’t believe it so bought two $1 test that came bk BFN and she was pregnant and had missed her period so I think those things are hard to trust



    aw nunu 🙁 sorry to hear AF showed up!! good luck this month hun 🙂 xxx



    Kat, damnkat, and Alicia. Good luck next week at ur appt’s. We will all be sitting here with our fx. So a funny story… I’m in Target tonight, just picking up stool softeners and kashi crunch cereal that has extra fiber etc. To help with my constipation, and I’m in the aisle. A guy walks by, takes a few steps back to do a double take and says, ‘hey girl, how u doin’?’ I politely smile and go back to comparing cereal prices, he then repeats himself, and since I’m the only one in the aisle I say to him, oh I’m good thank you but I’m married. I guess he couldn’t see my hand as it was to my side. But seriously, even if I was single and on the prowl so to speak, what kinda pickup line is that? Hey girl how u doin’? Lmao! I mean I’m not above anyone, but show a little bit of decency to address me in a little of a classier way. Lol. Just thought is share the chuckle…esp. with stool softeners in hand. Lol.



    TARAJO!! YAY! CONGRATS!!! Always a special and happy occasion 2 hear of a BFP of a TTCer that’s been here trying with us for awhile! MUCH DESERVED! SEE N U WERE STRESSING! URGH!! =)




    alicia- I’m sorry you are having a tough time atm. Most of us have been in your shoes at some stage and know how you feel. You just have to pick yourself back up and keep going. The reward at then end is soooo worth all the heartbreak. It is all very well your Dr saying throw out the OPK’s, but with irregular cycles, you need all the help you can get. Without OPK’s it can be very hit and miss as far as BD timing. Have you tried taking Vitex? When I take Vitex, my cycles become much more regular. A few other ladies on here I have suggested it to have got their BFP’s within a few months of taking it too.


    I know Diane its a massive weight off my shoulders. Im gonna post some pics of Chloe tomorrow you have to see how adorable she is



    Brother I have something similar. So af showed today, but its not red or even pink…but brown. Normally when she shows it starts out bright red, but nope not this time…and technically I’m only at 12dpo…so that’s a short lp right? Maybe implantation? Why am I still hoping?! Lol. FYI, a bit tmi…I’ve only had one lightday pad on all day, and haven’t needed to change but did just for hygiene etc. Norm I would’ve needed a heavy pad. What do u ladies think? Possible implantation? Or af, should I test again?…help! I’m so confused!



    ladies- i have some questions about this ttc ordeal.. i know many of you check your temps, keep track of your o days, and keep track of your cm days.. i however, do not.. but have a question about it, and i should probabaly alreadyknow this since i am a women and all so i kidna feel silly asking but…. today when i wiped, i had a lot of cm- does that mean i am fertile now? was fertile? or will be fertile?.. or am i wrong in every aspect of that question? point being, i am suppose to bd when this happens right?



    elizeT- my hubby as well hes so keen to catch that lil eggy. and hes relaxed mroe so its even more fu and enjoyable for us.. its like we are teenagers again lol hehehehe….. anyway poas again tonight with 2 dif brands and tests are def gone faint again so thats after a dark one last night so assuming last night was the surge???? duno about these things lol.. thought that second line woulda goten darker but still was def very close… ok see you all in the morn iam off to encourage that eggy some more 🙂


    hey kaidey- welcome to the site



    Liam (both) 🙂 congrats that’s so awesome! Yay let’s keep this going!!! Kriss hoping everything comes back good… and twins that would be amazing! I always think what if this last pregnancy will be twins, my DH would have a heartattack! It took him a little convincing to try for a third! I must say no that we’re in our 4 cycle since mc I think he’s stepped it up! BD A LOT without convincing. I’m just about done with it now lol. Testing December 12, any testing buddies out there? I will be 12 dpo



    Hi Ladies!! So the time is dragging by here at work. Blah…. I can test in 9 days, but I think I’ll try to hold out until the 1st of September, which is 12 more days. We’ll see if I make it. I am trying not to talk myself into symptoms. Each time I feel a twinge or anything, I try to put it right out of my head. However, a woman came into my co-worker’s office (way down the hall) and I could smell her perfume so strong!! It almost made me sick to my stomach! Anyway, tick, tock…

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