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    mommy2one – i’ve heard its better to bd every second night however we kinda just do whatever. sometimes everyday, sometimes every 2nd. with my first we bd’d every day and that worked so i really don’t think there is any right and wrong. good luck 🙂



    im sure we’ll hit 50000 before the nights up!



    Hi ladies haven’t been in here all week =(
    Welcome chasitiy1 I am really sorry for your loss =(
    Congrats to katmomma =) happy and healthy 9months to you!! Hopefully there are more BFP’s to come.!! & welcome jas1987!! =)
    So, as for me I’m currently on CD16 & got my positive OPK this evening!! I’m super excited we bd already this morning so, I’m hoping this is it =).. Baby dust to all of us!! =)


    wait wait no….officially 5dpo now



    Sorry to hear about your loss mamaa. Its a tough road ahead but you will get through it! lean on us, we will support you through it 🙂


    kaidey1222 – Sorry to hear that. AF is such a B*tch!! Better luck next time!


    Hey all still slight cramping sensations. No more blood. AF Due 25th Christmas day can test Christmas eve. Will be surprised if we got caught as bd just one time around O would be a fantastic Christmas present after all this trying hoping wishing and waiting. Come on BFP come to me 🙂



    oh Hadn’t seen diane’s comment…sorry!



    Ladies I have to share my joy with people who understand. I have PCOS and I lost a few pounds and have been eating better to ovulate. Well I took an OP test. And it is positive. How exciting. BD for me. Can’t wait for hubby to get home.



    Diane. Well my bfs youngest sister is 9 he’s brother is 18, he is 24 his sister is 29 & has an older brother which I duno his age we’ve never meet they don’t see him. So that’s 20 years between the 2 sisters. & I think ill find every months difficult, im an emotional person since iv had my daughter even more so since iv started on clomid haha . LC thanks I was so upset haha and confused seems it was a week early, and it has always been late. But I guess that’s just the clomid again.



    well looks like this cycles out the window for us DH has to go to military training this was one of the last two we had left before he deploys so he will be gone from end of march until may 2013 kinda…no …really sucks but i did have a dream i gave birth maybe its a sign? well FX febuary will be our month im going to be devastated if it doesn’t happen by then its been 18 going on 19 months of no BFPs and disappointments I dont know if i can handle a whole year and 2 months more…..providing he comes back on time at that last deployment he was gone extra time than expected …:(



    chica i gave u cplamers site so that u can read it up mama…lol



    fx to all those testing! I am still having stretchy cm but my opk was lighter than yesterday. I shouldn’t have bought those things lol. I dunno what is going on. I think maybe because I started taking vitex this is happening?



    thanks ladies!! i hope i do O, i cant imagine what u go thru not Oing and waiting all that long!?!?! i am losing it and im only cd25 lol



    I’m surprisingly calm about it all. Guess its early days for me (1st month ttc). My cycle is still a little off since I had ds2 in Jan. I’ve only just returned to work and another month back at work will ensure I well ajd truely qualify for ppl (paid parental leave, I’m from oz). Plus my husband will be happy about the extra bding

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