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    Justine, that sounds fertile to me. If it is hard to reach, and feels like the texture of your lower lip, that is soft and high – if you have any ewcm, assume it’s open. If you reach in and feel it easily, it’s low, and if it feels like the tip of your nose, it’s firm, and not likely fertile. Learning open from closed takes time, open will feel like a deep dimple that your finger tip can identify easily – closed feels like you are rolling your finger over the tip of your nose. If you have ever had a baby vaginally, your cervix may always feel slighty open.



    this day just keep getting better… now I have a creamy discharge when i go pee, and slight cramping afterwards.. what the hell????


    I play poker mainly on facebook, used to play faarm town but got bored of it lol x



    taylorttc – when were you supposed to get your period?


    Hey I just tested and got a very faint BFP!! I dnt have any more test I have to buy more. Has anyone else got a very faint BFP an ended up preggo!



    I am on CD 23. I didn’t think I was going to ovulate this month because it is so late but this morning I had EWCM and pains in my ovaries. YAY!! I tested with an OPK and it is really dark but I don’t think it is quite positive yet. I am going to be sure and BD tonight and maybe tomorrow….or should I skip a day? I can’t hardly skip a day when I know that I am ovulating!



    some women ovulate while breastfeeding, not me!! 🙂



    Wow, that took me 35 minutes to catch up on the last 8 pages (I have been sick then my child was sick). Congrats to all the BFPs and hope this has started a trend. Positive OPK today so tried Sunday, today (Tues) and will try tomorrow. Have recently come across a study that showed the highest day when ladies conceived was 2 days before Ovulating. So ladies using the OPK, when you get a faint line, BD as soon as you can. I also talked to the nurse yesterday (while getting son’s medicine) and she said, yes this was correct – due to the spermies taking time to find our lil eggs. So I just wanted to share this with you and hope it helps as all little bits of info do. Sooooo I guess I’m starting my 2 week wait too. Good luck to everyone.


    Hang in there eeyore! Don’t try to think about it itoo much.



    DM- I’m so so sorry. 🙁


    arctic- i really do hope it was implantation…that’d make sense for the test being negative yesterday…. and i’m sorry for your loss 🙁 I hope that you can become pregnant again soon



    Sorry about the BFN mommyto6 and your BFN too Wendy. 🙁



    me my husband and my son are all sick right now.. i really wanted to get pregnant this month.. and im ovulating in like 2 days.. does anyone know if your immune system is down if that decreases your chances of concieving?



    Mountain, I’m not sure if I understand your post.. You are upset because your husband has a female coworker who is pregnant and she flirts with him? The other symptoms that you have described sound like depression. I would talk to a Dr. I’m sure you will find support here. Try to keep your head up.



    I’m feeling good. We have an appointment on the 15th and hopfully we will be able to find out the sex of the babies. I’m excited.

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