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    Taylor – when I had a chemical pregnancy, I had two days of very, very faint lines, then a bfn, then another day of very faint line, then AF. Your line is getting darker, which is what you want…I think you should change your user name to Taylorispreggo!! No more Taylorttc : )



    bye eeyore- have fun at work 🙂



    Hello ladies, I’m finally back home after my trip. I’m starting to get a bit concerned… I’m CD 37 today and 19 DPO. I have not tested today, but I have gotten a total of 8 negative tests so far since I’m testing since 10DPO. No AF or any signs of it and zero symptoms of anything else. I wonder why my body is dong this to me? Is frustrating enough to get a BFN, but wait forever for a new month to try is just devastating. I have never had such a long cycle. I hate to admit I sit and cry at my hotel room the last day of my trip is I could let go some of my sadness before I came back, as I don’t want hubby to see me like that. Anyways, I hope to know what ‘s going on anytime soon, if AF doesn’t show from now to mid week, I ‘ll have to call my doctor. Blessings for you all and congrats to all the BFP’s and to whomever got AF, happy and successful new month trying for you as well.



    the seller is shop4less502008



    Vonne – your nurse could be right, if you don’t know when you o’d you could be testing too early?



    i know that takes the fun out of being preggo.



    Oh i cant pretend to know what that feels like but in all of this we can try to help keep you grounded. And offer you lots of prayers… As well as your husband. Focus on your son a d that little blessing you have already… The rest will fall into place!



    I agree totally its not what what said it was how it was put across to everyone


    well ladies i tested saturday and got a faint postive line. Since than i have been having cramps but there more in my back and sharp pains on my left and right but now my lower back is having more cramping than anything. I had two periods last month march 6th-11th and than another at the end of march and i think it came around the 24th or 25th well today is the 24th so im hoping its not my period the faint line is giving me hopes.



    Good morning ladies, Well my chart is also messed up. My CM has stopped. Had CM from last thursday till yesterday which was already sticky and dry. I only BD on Friday and today I have a stuffy nose and my nippes hurt and they never hurt. I dont want to get my hopes up but is it possible? Is it too early to feel this symptom?



    @vonne…with my first I was on my honey moon and all of a sudden took sick. Felt weak like the flu was comin. And so tired. The last few days I was miserable. And this was almost immediately after ovulating. This cycle I got sick again days before n then 2 days after I felt like the flu was comin. I am almost a week away from then but still tired and achy. Who knows but it is just a coincidence u mentioned that.



    diane – lol me too!! its wierd. since this cycle started, i’ve had it in the back of my mind that I wouldnt get a BFP but at the same time AF wouldn’t show up either. i hope thats not the case. i’ve been having some ‘achy’ feelings though in my uterus. if i bend down a certain wait, something feels like it’s being pulled?? i think i might try soy this next cycle, how much are you suposed to take??????



    4 dpo. Not really ttcing, but wondering. I guess I will have to wait until the 17th.



    hello ladies, we decided officially on the weekend to try for another baby ovulation days was saturday. wish me luck



    Its 1:31 here and I’m just going to bed lol. it took a while for be to get my daughter to go to sleep. she site does have a mind of her own.

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