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    Omg so funny you mention that! I dreamt about evil mermaids in. hawaii and a krispy kreme donut with whipped cream filling! I posted it on fb and my friend said ‘preggo brain!’ I said I hope so, pregnancy always causes weird vivid dreams! & then I got the bfp haha. Go figure 🙂



    doesnt matter to me if i have a boy or girl next. on another note. i have been watching the same Elmo DVD for like 3 days. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DD wants to watch it all the time she is in love with elmo



    Has anyone had experience with IVF? My sister has just had her first ‘installment’ of two blasosysts. Pee test and blood test came back Negative four days ago, but the last four days she has been naucious and gagging. Any chance at all that the tests were taken too early and she might be pregnant? Or is it that she has stopped the hormone applications? Any incite would be appreciated.



    @ kelly – i used the first response one today but i usually use the dollar store brand ones



    Hello ladies! Im coming from momth to month! Just thought id come give you some baby dust!!! I started trying for my 3rd in april of 2010 had a miscarriage january 2011 and then finally got pregnant in july of 2011 had my gorseous girl in march 2012! Its hard and sometimes heart breaking…just hang in there. GOd will bless you when he knows its time. Hoping for many BFP’s!!! Stay positive and dont stress 🙂





    @ FALLEN – i dont know cause i dont get my AF’s. i havnt gotten my AF in over a year so i dont know and thats what makes it so hard. :0(



    AF is gone!! Excited to start trying again 🙂 Congrats to all the BFP!! And good luck to everyone in the 2ww.



    haha diane, your beautiful girl is going to weigh more than mine…jeez think these weights call for c-sects lol x



    Congrats to all the bfp’s 🙂 inkdoll I am so happy for you! So I tested this morning and at no real shock I got a bfn, was very upset though, I could hear my heart breaking once again this month. Now I’m hoping af due date is wrong and not for another week and that I tested too early because af has been unpredictable since I stoppe taking bc 🙁


    hi ladies! my last af was aug 30 and still no sign. I took a hpt on Thurs and BFN! i don’t know what the deal is…any thoughts? BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!



    6 DPO and I am so exhausted. Can’t wait to test. I have some many symptom’s, but it’s prob just my mind playing tricks on me. Thiswas my first month on clomid 50 mg. I go tomorrow to get my levels checked.



    cherry- yeah I couldn’t find any smaller in the pharmacy. I choped them into fours and took a section a day. I am getting so frustrated! I don’t feel like I’ll ever get pregnant!! A friend of mine swears by pregnacare she got preg after 2 months of trying. I’ve been taking agnus castus for the last month ina hope that i’ll ovulate with that somehow!!



    Congrats Mommylove! 😀 Af is due tomorow. Took a test this morning BFN 🙁 I don’t think this month is the month for me. If I don’t get af tomorow I will test again, but I am not hopeful.



    Awsome thanks lc I love curry bahaha enjoy!! . Aw our summer has been so hot the last few years, and I was 9 months pregnant smack bang in the middle of it haha that wasn’t fun!



    novemberbaby18 — At this point, I’d say that anything out of the normal is good sign! Sounds good to me 🙂

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