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    Sparky- Im not really familiar with what IUI is, but did u try Clomid? I have a friend who had a similar situation to urs, and had luck with it. and another relative of mine also had this problem, and suddenly after 10 years of trying got pregnant..and then had a second one as well! The only thing she changed was that she lost a lot of weight.



    hi sunny! I knew you’d have another positive BUT you had me digging thru the waste paper basket EARLIER…lol Just one control line on both 😛

    Seriously EITHER YAY OR NAY! Sounds like you are whispering YAY!!!!



    I should go do some housework while Katie is sleeping 🙁
    I’d much rather stay on here 🙂
    I often think of how I will find time to get on the computer when I have 2 babies.


    I am only 6 DPO and I am going CRAZY! This wait is absolutely killing me! When can I take a test and possibly get a BFP? I am sure we timed it right this month….it’s so hard not to get my hopes up. It’s all I think about, and this wait is torture!!!!!


    Lynn **big waves**, how are you my cycle mate?



    Hi all how is everyone going
    good news docs said i didnt have a miscarriage
    she said it was just a very unusual period lol
    so i wasnt pregnant
    good news were trying again and i ovulate sometime in the next three days lol so fingers vrissed this is the month



    Kristin- hold onto the Nuk a little longer, I was considering running to the store and buying one for DS knowing it would help but after a week of being Nuk free I know in the back of my mind I just need to suck it up and deal. I hadn’t planned on doing away with the Nuk until Ben was 18 months, but my DH was the one that pushed for it to be gone.



    babybum…I have only ever heard good things about the clearblue tests…I used no-name brands when I found out I was pregnant with my son, and I had no problems with those…in fact, I had a positive result while I was still peeing on the stupid things…LOL



    good luck readyfor2!



    mrstranum ————- charting is so informative and you’ll have this down in no time. I sent you a private message. I’M STILL LAUGHING! 🙂



    just keep testing.are you getting a BT done to check O



    mrss-when temping keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible. temp at aprox the same time in aprox the same temp room after aprox 4 hrs of sleep and before getting up ..peeeinjg etc. fertilityfriedn has good intructions on getting a good basal will help. so if u sleep naked sleep naked most every night…good luck..ull get the hang of it



    I am off now to curl up on the sofa and hopfully take my mind of things for a while!! I wish you all bucket loads of baby dust!!! you ladies are such a wonderful source of comfort and support!! I am so glad I found this site!!! its great!! Goodnight all xxx sweet baby dreams xxx



    Back later gals – 5p.m. here and my chicken casserole is calling me! 😉



    I meant leaking semen not leaking sperm lol

Viewing 15 posts - 65,401 through 65,415 (of 131,346 total)

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