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    Haha rebekah…> im nervous! i feel different this month but lord knows i just jinxd myself by saying so lol



    Thanks Xwee – I’m going to hold out this time, costing me a fortune in HPTs 🙂 Fingers crossed you O too. Sounds like you’re so busy though!


    I know Diane i hate it when i dont get asked what i want to do – I would have really enjoyed with all my family and as far as when the baby is born is concerned – im excited its my little brothers first baby and my first blood niece and i have been spoiling her like crazy already – Yes i will feel a little sad because we have been ttc for so long but that will be behind closed doors in the comfort of my own home – while im around my niece i will grab as much cuddles as i can


    Thank you for your replies I really appreciate them. I fear that 20 months in TTC that it’s never going to happen 🙁 x



    hi ladies how are ya doing.. well CD 42 and still no af… if she dont show by sunday then im gonna test monday… my temps went back up…. i think my temps dropped b/c of me getting up a million times at night…



    hmmm wouldnt it be good it was a sign of early pg for u wannab, keeping my fingers crossed for ya 😉



    who elses last AF was May 10th? Mine was, and I have a 33 day cycle, urine HPT’s are still coming up BFN, when should I test again where it should say BFP if I am preggo? Any opinions? Dana



    @Mommy2Aidan~~Yes, back pain and lots of it. Also, one of my first symptoms was that I felt like I was hungover….I had cotton mouth big time.



    Ok, so I posted a comment on here a little while ago that I was a little embarrassed to even ask.. LOL.. can someone answer please..



    Allie – Hopefully that is a good sign! I’m jealous with the no cramps. Maybe you O early? Just think that you will probably know for sure in a week!


    Arct- That is what my DH calls it now!! He says I just want him for his baby batter lol….



    thanx for the congrats ladies! yeh i did get a bfp, & it was at 10dpo, i thought that was WAAAY to early…..i think it normally is, & anyone whose had bfn so far that early still has a chance of it turning pos…..mine went for neg to pos in 1 day…..& court went from all bfn to a bfp at 12 dpo…..if ur using internet strips u might want to try a frer or a digi because theyre more reliable, even today my bfp on the internet strip was VERY faint….im gonna add more pics today



    So the darker line is in the test window??? then there was no line on the next test??? Get BDing Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    xwee are you still around? Didn’t you use an ovulation test first when you were checking for pregnancy? I went to the doctor today he said my cervix is closed which is a good sign and my af is due tomorrow or friday.. I took a home pregnancy test and it comes out negative but i took an ovulation test and it came out very faint possitive. So wouldn’t that mean i have somekind of hormones up?


    Fourth, I LOVE the name Landyn/on

    Its such a cute name!

    I also like Avery

Viewing 15 posts - 65,521 through 65,535 (of 131,346 total)

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