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    thank you! I didn’t know that! So I guess today is CD2 for me… this is going to be a long long cycle… and as far as the ovulation trackers go, does it get messed up if I don;t know my luteal phase? I need to start temping so I have a better idea of my cycle! How much does the BBT thermometor cost and where can I get one?

    Thanks again so much for the info!



    hey girls….I have PCOs, took us 2 and half years to conceive our first (boy) we been trying since Nov 08 who knows when we’ll get pregnant again!!??

    I had a miscarriage in May. I could’ve sworn I was prego this time was 4 days late, but then alas period began 🙁 Keep trying I guess.

    Lots of luck to you all xxx



    Sorry if you saw my earlier post, I had my CDs mixed up.. I O’d on CD 14 – BD’d on CD 11, CD 13, CD 15, and CD 16. Doc told us to stick to every other day this time around and it KILLED me not to BD every day.. I’m just so terrified we’d miss the egg… especially since we didn’t BD on actual O date.. I guess we’ll see! I’m going to try to hold out on testing again until Mon – that’s when AF is supposed to arrive. Tick tock tick tock….



    I tried to switch up the names we chose but DH really loves the ones we already picked. I still love them too, but I feel like we never really bounced around with other names, we had ours picked right away, for both genders!



    Bean-Thanks for saying something. It really SUCKS those of us going through this for real. I am in the process of mc’ing right now and it is hurtful to think that someone would play on emotions of women who are ttc, and then some of us hurting so bad. I have to side with Bean here.



    trying – OPK’s can show positive if you’re pregnant too. Did you get a positive opk earlier in your cycle too or is this your first positive?



    Ty amanda that eases my mind some! I’m not sure about the doing it urself but u are right all the dr did was open me up some take for I think its called needle nose tweezers or plyers grabbed the string and pulled, there is directions on the mirena website that shows u how the dr does it, but like u said better safe then sorry, one of the ladies on here went to have hers removed and ended up having to have it surgically removed so id see a dr!



    amanda, yes….i just found out last month that i have low progesterone (i had 3 m/cs, so my doc wanted to do testing) so now this month i have started on progesterone to help a fertilized eggie implant and stay that way 🙂 other then that nothing else is wrong with me, its just takin a long time lol



    Does anyone adopt any strange ‘positions’ after sex to help the little swimmers to find their way? When we were ttc our first I used to lay flat on the bed with my legs up against the wall for half an hour (watching tv upside down lol). Since ttc our second I’ve been told that I have a tilted womb(?) so wondered if anybody knew any better positions?



    no amanda, d has twins in both sides of her family



    Thanks guys! I really hope its was the first too!!! But just incase, I now plan on BD`ing for the next three nights! lol Thanks for everyones help! ps…. my name is Miranda! 🙂



    sarah – I did the shirt thing when I was PG with my DS. I made her a shirt that said BIG SISTER in big pink letters and then we all went to a big family dinner. We didn’t say anything just let her rome around the house. It was FINALLY my dad that was like ‘Cute shirt Keiley! 🙂 BIG SISTER?? BIG…BIG…’ Then it clocked!!! LOL! He looked up at me with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look. Then he started to vry and the whole family started laughing and cheering. It was really great!! 🙂



    waitin4baby – since you are on clomid has your dr done test to confirm ovulation? are you taking you temps? have you tested? sometimes a +ve result may not happen until after AF is due depending on the sensativity of the test



    Tiffy-what are you asking? I keep rereading the question about boys and girls and I am at a lost.



    That actually happened to me last month…I had 3 days of pos OPKS

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