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    Lc your the same as me. I thought I might of been pregnant this month, was getting headacke & sore nipples and when I had some browny/light red stuff on saturday it was a week of my period so I though maybe implantion bleeding but yeh not this time. My sister in-law was pregnant on her 2nd month of clomid twice . But every body is different. I hope u get a bfp to save u the disapointment. I wish everyone could get pregnant the first time so noone was ever disapointed 🙁



    Thanks BabySaunders. FX for both of us!



    do you have the clearish cm before you ovalate and if so how long before?



    hi girls, well Cd27 & 13 Dpo for me today .. i was meant to POAS this morning but it completely slipped my mind ( when i used the bathroom i was half asleep ) lol . so im waiting until the day after Christmas & i’ll be testing then ! its Christmas Eve here in Australia so i wont be on for a few days. I just want to wish you all a very merry christmas. i hope you al have a amazing day with your families 🙂 x o



    tahlia – I’m sorry if I get too basic here. I don’t know for sure what all you know… Sperm require a certain texture of cervical mucous in order to be able to travel effectively to the fallopian tubes so they can be there to wait for the egg to be released. The texture they require is what we call ewcm (or egg white cervical mucous). This is mucous that is clear, perhaps with whitish streaks, and VERY stretchy. Preseed imitates this texture of mucous in order to maximize sperm motility. In other words, it helps the sperm get to where they need to go! 🙂


    Bex-i am also CD16. My temp dropped again this morning another 0.02 so now my temp is 36.26 celcius, had a pos OPK yesterday so we BD last night, tested this morning and its neg!!!!! So does anyone no if today is my O day? Pleaseeeee help me haha



    Good luck cpalmer. Im off ot bed. Cd6 tomorrow im pretty sure af is packing her bags 🙂 can’t wait.


    Its for yeast infection, Actually, vaginosis has a more gray discharge. I always go to the doctor and I know my symptoms and always get treated professionally.. I never had any other symptoms other than a thicker white discharge, but my doctor says it is because I am very self aware and I always get my pill before the infection worstens.

    One thing about vaginal infections is that most of the different aliments have similar symptoms that over-lap, which why I would encourage any woman to get treatment and not just self treat. Certain infections can make you sterile if not treated quickly.

    Anyhow, can evaporation lines of prego tests be blue? I took an HPT, it was negative after two minutes, but I went back and there was a line. I am having a really light period which was shorter than usual so I took a test. I am going to take another one. Weird?!?! I kinda took this one because I was supposed to take it on the 3rd and



    Good afternoon ladies, I need some advice. IMy hubbie and I already have 2 kids-a 5 yr old and a 9mo old. We havent been ‘trying’ but havent been preventing either. Well, come to realize we BD every day during my fertile period. I am on CD 24 (usually 28 day) and am super curious. Should I test or is it too soon?? My attitude and tiredness points to AF but not sure?!



    I had a look but i have no idea about opk 🙁


    anyone play farmville on facebook? OMG it is crazy complusive.. lol..



    any ladies on a 31 day cycle?? i am. Supposed to be ovulating today, and i have had slight cramp earlier and a couple days ago… If me and the hubby BD On wed n thursday do you think there is any chance?



    i never got one, i had many that were very close but not close enough



    I test today, I used first response (4 days before expected AF)…BFN. I knew I should have waited, but I am sooo darn inpatient!



    Hello ladies 🙂

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