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    im taking folic acid…thats all. just keeping stress levels low lol…im on the two week wait now…roll on wed week..FX for us all 🙂



    I agree luckywhite!



    Well this is frustrating. I gave in to another FRER, I swear its positive, but doesnt show up well in pics. Ive taken hundreds! 🙁 I might post one and see what u girls think, but I.doubt anyone will see it…



    her, not you :0P



    Ginamommy I am not trying to get your hopes up but over 10 is usually pregnant, I get mine ran every month… I was 19 and 23 for both my pregnancies n day 21!!!! Good luck



    cd26 who is testing this week



    With my last pregnancy I got a decent size tat on my back at 15 weeks. I researched it enough to feel confident it would have no affect on the baby. And it didnt 🙂 keep testing ladies, I seriously have tested up to five times in one day! Now THAT is obsessed! A little sick in the head haha



    cherry sounds like you might need to buy a few elmo dvd’s and exchange them once in a while. LOL



    Thanks Kristy. How many dpo r u? I know I had the creamy discharge once last month too but it has been going on for a couple days now and was afraid that I was missing, the window.



    Sho, besides the internet strips that can pick up 10 mIU, FRER and the dollar brands are fairly sensitive picking up 25 mIU. I had a dollar test pick up 13 mIU before (blood test confirmed the level)


    So, I’m addicted to peeing on a stick. My husband gives me such a hard time about it, saying that I am ‘sponsored by ept.’ I’m at 11 dpo (I think), and with my last two pregnancies I got my bfp 12 dpo, so I keep testing, and squinting and holding the test up in the sunlight, looking for that second line. It’s all in vain though, and I know its too early because my cycle has been 34-36 days lately instead of the 28-30 like before my ds. Anyone else gave long cycles?



    im currently taking meds to regulate my AF but still no luck yet.


    Just wanted to say, I was on IAP when I was trying to conceive my first. I made so many lasting friendships. I hope I will get to know some of you ladies as we share our TTC journey! I wish you all sticky baby dust and healthy pregnancies! 🙂



    14lb haha stuff that.



    INKDOLL — Congrats! So exciting to see all the BFP’s popping up! I so want to test today, but I only have 2 tests left and I am afraid of seeing a BFN again. But I’ve had sore bb’s, nausea like crazy, fatigue, and I’ve been emotional for a few days. We shall see on Friday! If I can’t wait that long! Must….resist….urge…to…test! lol

Viewing 15 posts - 65,716 through 65,730 (of 131,346 total)

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