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    hi everyone! My husband and I have decided to start trying for number 2 in a few months. Im excited and couldn’t wait to get back on here to talk to everyone!



    Ok so I just read online that if We women take 400mg of Folic Acid That it helps to improve fertility. So I’m gonna start taking my vitamins!! I have Walgreens Brand A Thru Z Vitamins and it has 400mg of Folic Acid!!



    Im back. My HCG levels were drawn on Monday and were 34. The doctor wanted me to come back today and have another lab draw. HCG today was only 39…. I dont think this is good news. The numbers are increasing, but it should have been doubled ( at least in the 60’s) by today. I cant stop the tears…anyone else been through this?? Please let me know. I havent had any bleeding or cramping so maybe i still have a chance. Maybe…



    Rooey: new bfp for jadeanddaniel. Berry has strained herself by getting frisky in the bales of hay. That about it x



    So at 5 weeks and 3 days (yesterday) I had a miscarriage. I was sort of prepped for this seeing as though my pregnancy hormones (HCG) were doubling as they should have. Either way it was hard to deal with. Im still cramping and bleeding which is a constant reminder of my lost. But I can still try again. Prayer works wonders and I will be able to meet with my little bean at a later time. *****sticky baby dust to all****



    Rach – I hear you….. it can be so hard when people around you have the exciting news that we are so wanting for ourselves…. I’m sure that it will happen for you as well…. and hopefully soonish so that you and your sis can share the joys of pregnancy and have cousins close in age….
    take a deep breath and concentrate on the good things this brings…. and tell her to send you some of her baby dust!!!
    I’m thinking of you….


    Hi guys, I have a quick question…

    1) How do you know when you’re Ovulating, when there’s NO af (still breastfeeding)? b/c my breast is tender, large amount of EWCM and mild cramping:0(

    2) check CP, it was down and open (or maybe) is this is time time to BD and more BD lol ?.. we tried to BD other everyday, but I was 2tired lastnite


    *knocks herself out for having stupid ideas!*



    So i was just wondering when abouts are we suppposed to start having symptoms? Is 8 DPO to early?



    Good morning ladies!



    Ovulation cramps last 2 days… Is it too late to bd??



    grrrrrrr just got kicked out again!



    Congratulations 07babe!!


    What is the earliest past ovulation that you can test? I tested with my son 15DPO and it was a very dark line. So i think i could test way earlier than that. what you think?>



    ryders it does sound like your still in ur fertile faze, so keep bding jst incase 😉

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