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    Has anyone done the count on how many of us will be testing next week?



    Happy new year you lovely ladies! X



    Hello everyone! My husband and I have decided to start trying for #3. We have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. I have used this site since becoming pregnant with my first and am very excited to start this new journey! Good luck to all who are trying!!!



    allison:chickenmouse- don’t get jealous, AF hasn’t arrived for you and you mentioned you’re experiencing symptoms. You never know, you and your cousin might be having a baby around the same time :0).

    Kristin- ROFL, your husband might be discounting the internet in fear of having six children ;0). After #2 I’m defiantly out, there won’t be a third child unless we get pregnant with twins which is highly unlikely. My husband already said after #2 is born he’s making an appointment for a vasectomy and I have a feeling I’m going to be extremely emotional during the days leading up to the surgery. I know I can only handle two children but I have a feeling that knowing we can’t have anymore will probably have some type of effect on me.

    mum to maizie- Since AF is three weeks late maybe you should schedule a blood test to confirm whether you’re pregnant or not.

    bnlmusicfan2 – When I was pregnant with my son the only symptoms I experience was missing AF and super tender BB’s. I believe most of my symptoms with my DS didn’t kick in until around 8 weeks.



    donna iv had all these ‘symptoms’ & tbh i dont know where i am in my cycle…..last cycle lasted a total of 15 days before i started bleeding so i classed it as AF cos it was heavyish……iv had gassiness, bloating, yellowish cm (although its went more creamy/watery today) insomnia! & itchy legs!!! like they were itchy for 3 days solid! im either due to O soon or AF again soon…….we’ll c wot happens on 7th….


    Rach…((((Big hugs)))) How are you my friend?


    Aidans – I do it all the time… even when AF isnt due. && i so agree.. SOMEBODY ON HERE BETTER BE PREGNANT!!!!



    becky – its so hard I know but try and wait till nearer the end of the month – this way you avoid the stress of testing and getting a BFN. I have found over the last year of TTC that stressing really does not help. Keep ur chin up



    Ok so it’s cd35 and my temp has been rising steady since cd 31 and I ovulated on cd25, what do you think???


    I went on a wild goose chase……..went to one dollar tree, no HPT……went back across to my side of town, to where i normally get my cheapo HPT at that Dollar Tree, none……so i went across the plaza (at this point im about to pee myself) to WalMart, and got a 3 pack…….came home, peed in a cup……


    mumoffour – so sorry for your loss. We are all thinking of you x


    obsurette: thanks for the baby dust filled orange!!!!!!! hehe….



    Congrats and YAY to all the BFPs. Faint lines are still lines because they wouldn’t appear if the pregnancy hormone weren’t present. So. congrats are definitely due!!!



    Natalie- AF is due the 21st for me



    rachel27- i am also on CD2 and it seems like such a long time before ovulation time. i can’t wait to see that BFP!!!

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