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    Wow there are a lot of us all testing within a few days of each other…. hopefully we all get our BFP’s and can move on together. Actually hopefully (and this is really hopeful) we all get BFP’s and this forum becomes empty lol. Good luck to everyone testing in the up coming days.


    I’m still too early to test, but I’ve been getting slight cramps, maybe not even to be described as cramps… but a different feeling in my uterus. I’m hoping it’s because I’m preggo and going to get my BFP this weekend when I test!



    🙁 i just took a HPT and i got another BFN ahhhh im gonna scream 🙁 grrr!!!!



    14 DPO and no sign of Af yet well guess gonna wait till tmrw.



    Thanks eeyore, then i’m 2dpo whoo hoo I hope I can hold out a full two weeks to test….yeah right. I may do the opk tests through out just to see how that goes, kinda like what ashes did. then start doing hpt’s on 12 dpo



    Yay! Congrats Mommylove!!! Enjoy your journey!



    hey everyone, how’s it going? you have all been busy!



    Sorry to hear that November best of luck for next month xx



    Weird for you to be spotting though! Maybe your chart lies :0)



    I’d wait it out if poss it is hard to bet the urge though fingers crossed for everyone testing soon xx



    Anybody know what cycle day i would be on or when AF would be due? Got a BFP 2 weeks ago, then started bleeding last week… would I count that day as cycle day 1? Or am i still waiting for actuall AF to arrive, im confused. Last AF i had was Aug29th, and I have a 28day cycle everytime.


    Hmmmm I have been peeing more it seems. But maybe I’m unconsciously drinking more lol. I’ll know for sure Tuesday but seriously the WAITING is driving me insane



    I think to begin with they base it on LMP but once you have an ultrasound and they take measurements and they work out your HGC levels then I assume they would then base it on that


    i can’t believe how many are on here waiting through cycles! The will power is amazing! Rosco- going to Orlando. Looks like we’ll be driving now, lol. I’m due 10/6, my birthday is 10/13 & my daughter is 10/28.

    #6827137 last period started on sept. 16. i’m wondering if there is something wrong with me. u c i was given a drug named progyluton to take for 3 months. this is supposed to help my period to come regular as i was irregular now i’m off them & surprisingly no period as arrived to date with the negative test.

Viewing 15 posts - 66,241 through 66,255 (of 131,346 total)

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