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    SO I was just reading a little bit online about birth control and ttc. I got pregnant with my 2 girls both times while on the pill… after I had Hadlee (sept 2011) I got the Depo shot.. soo that would be October 2011, got another shot in Jan and another shot in march and then when it came time for my next shot I went back on the pill… so my last depo shot was march 2012, would have been ‘out of my system’ June 2012.. so about 14 months ago… do you think that would affect my TTC? birth control I took over a year ago? hopefully not…



    So I’ve been fllowing this forum for a little bit now, it is



    Took my bbt like i do every morning. It was DOWN half a degree?!?! Went to the bathroom…AF showed up & a day early. I feel broken today. CD1



    Yeah Mrs Miller!!! Get BD-ing!!!



    Myangel, my hubby and I did BD everyday. It doesn’t work for everyone.



    i have a question for anyone who is in the chat



    Hey everyone! Decided to update after a few months hiatus. I went to losing weight to see if that would help manage my PCOS and in the end help me conceive. I ended up having what the Dr thought may be a chemical pregnancy. Took a bit to recover from that. Then I got injured at work pretty bad. My weight loss had to stop and I was literally stuck on the couch for quite a few weeks. I ended up having to go back on BC to prevent a pregnancy before needing surgery just in case. We weren’t to concerned with it considering I went over 2 months without doing the deed do to the pain and extent of the injury (busted knee),. But I went back on BC just in case we could figure out a..creative way to make things work. Then I had surgery 2 weeks ago. Of course I’ve also gained back some of what was lost. I had hoped that I could give myself a birthday present of being pregnant (or finding out I am) by my birthday….but considering that is today and all I’ve been thru, along with being back on the pill I doubt that is happening. LOL We are not sure when I will be going off the pill and trying again….I am still doing therapy 3x’s a week to regain strength and full range of motion in my knee. I am also still on pain relievers 1-2 times a day to control swelling/pain and get me thru work. I want to be off pain relievers before we try again that way if/when we do get pregnant I know there are no meds involved that could hurt baby. BABY DUST to you all and I hope to be back in the trying ship by mid-Nov at latest



    did you drink a lot of water before taking the first response because it might have been diluted giving a false negative



    Thanks everyone for the explanation. I will have to try that method. Felisha: I re-read the MSG and realized that left for WK, meant for work and not for a WEEK, lol. Sorry, I totally messed that one up. I kept thinking, why the heck would he take off when the smiley is blinking? Lol



    LadyGodwin- I think that is exactly what is happening. I got really sick and now I am bleeding heavily. I am just going to count this as my AF and start trying again as soon as it passes. I really don’t mind not getting pregnant until September because I want a June baby. My birthday is in June and so was my mom’s…she passed away when I was 9. Fingers crossed for September!!!



    Lil.pigz: seems like the perfect timing 🙂 hope ur bfp comes this month 🙂



    Depression is a difficult thing. TTC can be a very stressful process, especially when it does not happen as planned, there is a level of saddness that comes with each month of ‘failure’ – for many women the line between being stressed and sad vs. true depression is blurry. When you are not sure is the time to talk to your doctor.



    First of all ((((Hugs)))) Felishamarie xxxxz
    7thbaby 🙂 not tmi it’s cool to have someone around the same day as you . I think Nixsa is also around the same day as us 🙂

    I gotta say October is the worst month for me , not only with the mc but I lost my sister in a car crash 8 years ago on oct 30th it kills me every day her not being here but I know she will be holding my ill ones up in heaven and keeping them safe for me . I wish more than anything I could give them all hugs and have them here with me , but too beautiful for earth xxxx



    Lisa, that’s why I buy the cheapie OPK’s, and the digital ones too. That way, if I think I have a positive on a cheapie, I take the digital to confirm it. That way I don’t waste the good ones every day. I also got a ferning microscope, which is SO easy to use. I was on CD 9 yesterday and got an obvious ‘full ferning’ pattern. I’m expecting my positive OPK in a few days.



    Hi ladies… I will probably be rejoining you all again soon… My HCG levels are REALLY LOW and arent doubling… I had my first HCG test on the 22nd which was a 16 at only 10dpo then i had another one done yesterday at 4wks 6days and its only a 47 🙁 and couldnt see anything on US yet which i expected that but still numbers are low low low and i had some spotting yesterday morning which could be due to sex

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