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    im in south australia??? 3.13 pm here!!



    SheilaInWicklow – thankies to be honest i dont feel pregnant i have no symptoms yet, but then its early days still.



    Hi ladies. after 9 months of TTC i can safely say i did it! I got my BFP yesterday/ today…18 DPO!!! So for those testing early, dont give up. I didnt get my positive until the 1st day of my missed period….BFN’s all the way until yesterday!


    It’s Friday !!! YAYYYYY! Good evening everyone!



    Congrats to all the new BFP just got to keep that baby train going, still checking in I’m almost 10 weeks now and have just over 3 weeks until I see my little bean. Spreading lots of baby dust to you all and hope you all move on to the weeks soon. I miss chatting to you guys everyday, its still so quiet on the weeks page.


    Well I just thought about it, if af shows up on Saturday, since I’ve been having 25-26 day cycles. I wil be due for af (or to test) on Christmas day!



    Well, I’m 2 days late again. Very minor cramping. I tested today BFN. I’m going to test again on friday if AF doesn’t show up before then. When i was pregnant with my son I didn’t get a BFP until I was one week late. DH told me he hopes we get a BFP this time. Big change from last month when he told me no more kids.


    Rainbow- I am sending you a hug. I am completely understand. My sister in law is 10 weeks pregnant. I found out this weekend. They have a 3 year old boy with autism who I love (he is the image of my husband). I feel the same way about her being pregnant – possibly worse because herself and her husband just pay no attention to their son – they treat him like a problem rather than a gift. And now they are having another child. It breaks my heart.


    Third question
    3)How do I track the next ‘O’ (as in day from now)



    Alright, I’m gonna sign off to watch the ‘climax’ (tee hee) of this show… let’s hope Glen’s sperm gets to Joanne’s egg! Not far now!! 😉 … for anyone who wants to see it, I’d say you can download it … ‘The Great Sperm Race’ a BBC production.



    I finally got a possitive with the digital ovulation test so i took the hcg shot lets hope it all works! But either way no poas for me for awhile till the shot gets out of my system. Bring on the bding hahahahahhahahaha



    Hi Girls- I never left a message on this board before.
    Today we have our first appointment with a fertility doctor. I have a two year old daughter and since her I have had 3 m/c.I also had one before her. I know in my heart that there is another baby coming to complete our family and I’m just not ready to let it go:)
    Hope everyone has a great day and BABY DUST to all:)



    How long does it take once an egg is fertilized to implant in the uterus? I woke up with bright red blood this morning after a faint positive yesterday. Tomorrow will be CD28 for me, but I usually start somewhere between CD21 and CD24. The blood has completely gone away, so I am not sure if could be implantation or just AF coming late….



    Thanks Ashley, its good when you are in the 2ww x which you will be in soon!!!! I saw you think the big O has finally arrived.



    2ties- we have the same cycle 22-23 days. however i know that i am out this month. i know what you mean by you do but you dont on the BFP thing i get that way sometimes when me and dh have issues.

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