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    sparky – i dunno what to tell you girl. i am still waiting for AF not to show up. has the bleeding stopped???



    Excitedmum2b- I am due the 30th and trying to hold out 🙂 Keep me posted on your test!!! Hopefully we can get two end of the month BFPs!
    **Baby dust to all**



    hey girls, how is it goin?



    i just realized i haven’t had a period on my own since my son was born march 2009. i went on micronor (one hormone pill and safe for bfing) right after he was born and then once i was done bfing i went straight onto marvelon (two hormone birth control). i guess it’s just normal for my body not to have a period for a while. but it still sucks!!! i have cramps and feel blah but no af. i think next cycle i might try some ovulation strips to ease my mind. good luck everyone!!


    Waitin for your results Sarah! We are now on the waiting game. Hubby wont be home again until after O so what happened will have to be it for this month! 🙂 He wont be home now again for two weeks, but I’ll be postive and maybe I’ll have a + to hand him when he does get back! Any other army wives ttcing out there?



    Need some help with this one… AF should have arrived on the 28th… still isn’t here. (TMI coming up) I had some brownish spotting today, and that is already over. Took a test first thing this morning and it was a BFN… I have been pregnant so I truly felt pregnant (i.e. sore breasts, nausa, headaches) but now I’m confused. Can implantation bleeding happen this late? I thought it would have been earlier?



    Sorry for disappearing! Went to get Abigail some milk and realized DH hadn’t cleaned the kitchen before he went bowling! Now she’s really upset for some reason so I hope to be back before everyone goes to bed! If not I hope to see you tomorrow!



    @Kargy- tell me about it the 2 weeks feel like 2 months! 🙁 Wow so you only have a week to go before you can test? Lucky you 🙂 Im gonna wait until a day before AF is due 17th August I tested a few days before AF was due last month and got a faint false positive 🙁 I so dont want that happening again this month.. **BABY DUST TO EVERYBODY**



    phoenix – i really thought that after 2 days of the lines being the same that today would show the surge line darker but it doesnt – its the same. Is that right?



    do any of u lovely ladies have msn
    add me if u want to chat more
    [email protected]



    I was sooooo confused by early pregnancy tests. I’m going to test with an EP HPT on Sunday and I’m nervous because of my experiance I had with the OPK



    I recommend the clearblue digital with conception indicator. I got a positive at 11 DPO but negative on cheap line tests.



    Goodluck my dear I don’t want you to get false negative that is why I said wait.



    lol @ only lock up ur house lol!!! anyone 5dpo? last nite and today ive been havin cramps not like af cramps like im full of gas and my stomach hurts to press in on it? is this a good sign or just that im guna be gas ball the next few days lol!!



    i didnt do BT this month coz i cant wake up at same time everyday and i couldnt do it well

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