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    I heard doing the BD to often can decrease your chances in getting pregnant. Is this really true?? if so Ive been messing up my chances!!!



    boyoboy- true! My kids will answer like they are all annoyed they keep asking. I love they are bilingual now and soon I will not know a word of what they are yelling at me in chinese,spanish, or spongebob,lol.



    dsquare, o haaaaa, they call it joblots here. gosh…i haven’t have the please pleasure of throwing up yet, thank god. so i think i will just eat the basic and try dairy product lata on in the pregnancy. i am taking prenatal and fish oil so i think those shoul dcover it all right?


    Thinking positive healthy thoughts for your DH Mileysmommy… Hoping for good news for you both. 12DPO and BFN this morning. Will keep on testing until BFP or AF. Symptoms today are consistent with imminent AF (which could also be pg symptoms of course) – slightly tender & full / heavy bbs, cramps and twinges.



    eeyore mine have been that way since the mirena was taken out. very full of cm.. sorry tmi. it could still b implantation bleeding. implantation occours eight to twelve dpo….thats what ive read n e way….i gotta go girls…



    kirsty, from what i understand POM juice is great for supporting uterine lining, so one would think it’s ok…i agree it’s yummy! there’s some chatter about the high concentration of POM seeds being a stimulator for uterine contractions but that has to be at VERY high concentrations. just do a little research…i would think there would be a warning on it if it were known to be harmful in pregnancy though



    opks never work for me, i never got a pos opk last month but i did ovulate. i have a few more that i’m going to use this month (only b/c i have them – i dont plan on purchasing anymore).



    Congratulations to heartsandlove and Emma pants, a happy and healthy 9 months to u both 🙂



    AMANDA – ya it seemed interesting at first but doing research on it, although it seems successful, is definitely something I don’t want to mess with. I would love a little girl but I am not going to go to THOSE extents!! LOL! It was kinda scary to ready how precise everything has to be! I will be absolutely THRILLED with a boy or girl!!! 🙂



    Ok ladies, I was on amazon looking for bulk opt’s and poas test and came across first response fertility test. Has anyone heard of them and if so do you think it works?



    lilys..i was the same with mckenzie i love my meat but during the firt few months i couldnt handle it or really eat it weird huh? im loving it again now tho x



    Sunflower-I mean no disrespect, and if she is legit then she owes no explanantions; however, she was pg then she wasnt, then she was pg with multiples like a month later and saying she thought she wld have to be around 15 weeks and she cld hear hb with doppler and then no one wld see her in Drs office or er. Then she had u/s and maybe pg then dont hear anything and all of a sudden she is 7 weeks pg and now, not even two months later she has had a mc and is not pg and ready to get pg. I would be the first to apologize if I am wrong, but just doesnt seem to add up and never has. Again, I mean NO disrespect to you Sunflower.



    Princess: Sorry to hear that hun, hoping next cycle is ‘the one’!



    AF is a witch. She is kicking my ass!!!! I bought 50 OPK’s off the internet for like $15, so I can POAS until my little heart is content this cycle. Of course, like I predicted, AF will still be lurking when
    I have to have my u/s for PCOS, so it will probably be trans vaginal, yuck! I guess they are used to it and it is part of nature so I guess, I just have to get over it. My EDD would be April 22 this cycle if I get my BFP. My first DD was due April 18th and come on the 14th, so another April baby would be cool!



    sometimes i think the censors on here are silly. its part of life, somethings are hard to hear about and we all have different views but its a simple as removing yourself from the situation if you dont like the conversation. we r adults lol

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