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    I was thinking the same thing. That’s what all the cheapies are for, right. 🙂


    Hi guys, I’m new 2 this site and hoping 2meet new (((((FRIENDS))))



    Thanks ladies!! This is why I love this forum, you all understand exactly what I’m going through and make me feel better. 🙂 You’re right, not out until AF shows so I guess we shall see, but I’m worried that if I am actually pregnant then my progesterone is very low, judging by my temps and that concerns me that I could have another chemical. Very frustrating, but it is what it is. Not much I can do, but wait and see. If AF doesn’t show today I will test again in the morning, the faster I catch a bfp and start my progesterone the better.



    Good Morning Ladies. Today is CD 6 and AF is almost gone. Yay



    OPK’s arrived today, negative so let’s hope I can catch this little eggie when it’s ready to drop. I’m assuming some time within the next week or so I should get a pos OPK.



    Jakes mummy- don’t worry about him being sick, My husband was sick and on antibiotics when we conceived….maybe its a good thing!



    I’m finally in the tww. Hoping to have a BFP on the first.



    hi ladies.. AF is her showing her ulgy head!! But hopeful for next month…its going to be the month!!! If nto then we are going to wait till summer time.. and have a spring baby to start trying again. I already have enough winter babies!! Best of luck to you all! Baby dust to all because i am not using it!! obviously…lol


    DH and I did the BD every chance possable during my O days. I am about to take a EPT next Monday according to the calendar. Fingers are crossed. It would be kind of cool to get a BFP without having to deal with AF!! LOL



    Hi Tinks, I am here x x I dont think I could do it in front of my hubby – he already thinks I am the crazy TTC woman!



    Rubylove, lines only show when they detect hcg which is only present during pregnancy! Even the faintest line means your pregnant!! Congradulations, besise you can wait till first morning urine tom and that should make it a little clearer for hubby!



    Hi everyone! I’ve been apart of this site since 2008, I was on it during the pregnancy of my second child and then on to ttc my third child…..I’m back trying for my fourth!!! I’m going in September to have my iud removed, I’m a little scared since my strings have disappeared (iud is in correct location) so I have to take some drugs while they dialate me and take it out. Other than that I’m excited! Hope all you ladies are well! And lots of baby dust to you all!



    Thank u God and soy and pre seed! im 6 weeks thought i should share!!!



    Diane-Im sorry you dont feel good. ((HUG)) anyway! 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!!!!!



    Okay…I guess the best with exercise is to err on the side of caution and stick to walking. If I find out I am pg (WHICH I HOPE MORE THAN ANYTHING) I will check Walmart for the Pregnancy Workout DVD that was reccomended. Thank you both so much!

Viewing 15 posts - 67,351 through 67,365 (of 131,346 total)

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