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    Lawwa, hold out as long as possible for convincing lines!! 🙂



    Hello ladies. The best pregnancy test I have found is the Walmart brand…I think its called ‘Equate’. We bought 4 different brands of tests, when we were trying to see if I was preg. & tested all at the same time & the one that came back pos. first was the Equate brand, 5 days before my missed pd….it was a faint line, but def. there! (I should mention I am preg. w/twins and my HCG levels would be higher anyway, but it is possible to have a pos. preg. test 5 days before a missed pd w/o twins). I have read that the Equate brand is one of the best for early detection, it is most sensitive to the HCG hormone. Best wishes to all ttc.



    Diane Hahahahahaha and More Hahahahahah LOL that puts a new meaning on being blonde. MARCH you lucky bugga wish I could get someone to do my bloods, I am not game enough to poas yet LOL Good luck hope you get a +



    HeatherLC – if I were you I’d go to the doctor and get a blood test done. I know it took me 2 weeks after AF was late to get a BFP on an HPT. A blood test should be able to detect it earlier. If you still get a BFN then your doctor should be able to look into why you are late.



    Thanks so much ladies. I am so excited…hub gets home in 20mins so I’m preparing to tell him. I am going to have a shower when he gets home, then call him into the bathroom once I have showered and written ‘baby’ with a arrow pointing, on my tummy.

    Im excited, but nervous lol!!!



    congrats to MommyLisa and wantababy!!! 5 BFPs in 4 days!! Woo hoo!!!! Keep ’em coming ladies!!!

    May all our BFPs have a safe and happy 9 months and tonnes of Baby Dust to all of us still TTC – our time is coming!!!



    I am sitting here eating rice krispy treats (home made) and catching up on the missed comments 🙂 I love the support we give each other!!!!!


    LOL…MOLAR, too funny. AF needs to leave so I can get to BDing!



    well i dont really know what to think…ever since about 8 dpo my temps have been going up and down by about 3 tenths….at first i though AF was coming but ‘due day’ has come and gone, 2 days late…took a test yesturday and it was BFN, my temp this morning was 98.0, yesturday 97.6…its keeps bouncing back and forth…so frustrating!!! im not even cramping like AF is coming or anything…i did the day she was supposed to show and the day after but now..nothing…!!



    ok, lol. So reading what you are all putting so trying to get a WII, not that into them, look kinda good though, we may get one at some point.



    Seeq – Thanks for letting me know. That’s odd isn’t it. Did you ever get a BFP with them? Mine reckon they’re 10 MiU so you’d think they’d show up. To be honest I think it’s right though I’m crampy this afternoon so think AF is on the way. I knowwhat you mean Loopy I was fully expecting to have a baby in 2011 so a bit gutted. I know I’ll be upset and cry when I get AF because I feel like a failure. How can something that was so easy last time be so hard!! I know my doctor won’t do anything til we’ve been trying 18 months and even then with hubby working away it’s a bit of a nightmare. Thing is if I get AF today I know I BD at the right time and used preseed to 🙁



    bone..where did you get your pregnancy % at?? Like I need one more site to feed my obsession..*L*


    I did read about benefits of Vit B too when I 1st started researching lpd. My cycles were only 23 days :/ I knew they were short, but I didn’t know it was the reason we weren’t conceiving. So we had been trying for 7 months before I figured it out. My only thing is now if I am ovulating on cd21 and my cycle is 28 days, that still isn’t enough time to implant.



    thanks 1more4us – I will keep an eye on things and maybe test when AF stops – given so many ladies are suggesting pg is still possible….. Will let you know if any news….



    @sweetie2320 -> np yw not sure how much help I was but if any than I am glad. I know how hard it is not getting a BFP when you want one so bad. No worries about complaining we all do at some point or another because it gets frustrating. We are all in the same boat in the end and that is aiming for the main goal BFP.

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