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    I am CD 36, I don’t ‘feel’ pregant except been having wierd type cramp feelings in my abdomen, sort of scratchy feeling, slightly sore bb’s, and been emotional/moody. I am waiting for AF to arrive, but nothing…wonder if I should test tomorrow morning??



    CONGRATS Lilmama :o) xxx



    Staceyp – true that when you get your BFP you are usually only 10 – 14 days past ovulation, but dating a pregnancy goes back to the first day of your last period. If you get you BFP at 14 DPO, and you have a 28 day cycle, then the day you get your BFP you are 4 weeks pregnant. Some women have extra long cycles, and ovulate really late in their cycle. If you ovulated on CD 28 and get a BFP on CD 42, you ‘technically’ are considered 6 weeks pregnant going off date of last period, but of course that would have to be adjusted based on the late ovulation.



    Kitz, I have heard of baking soda and a small amount of lemon juice and a warm cup of water



    Today is my Birthday too, the best gift i ever got by all means is my BFP.. 🙂



    haha yes Ella, I have named my cyst Cyril, and he is behaving!! haha *blushes*


    izzie- i agree i think you shoudl do whatever you guys decide is right for you. My husband is a teacher and I have mt teaching license but i have been a stay at home mom since we had our DS! I want and need a teaching job but now we want #2…so we are still trying even tho if we get pregnant the baby will be due right at the start of school! We will make it work and so will you! Do whatever is best for you guys!



    hey pocahontas – no no real signs of AF yet – but my last cycle was 40 days so who knows whats going on in my body….
    weird feelings but could be an active imagination!!!!



    no idea duffy, depends where the plates moved as to where we were Probably on different plates to MYA. They aren’t fun any way earth quakes.



    trec–yeah, don’t worry about it. This is what this site is all about. No one feels like a goof here. BFPs to all and to all a good nite!



    Ok ladies. 4 days late, took another test this morning. I think I see a faint line, hubby says no way. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Maybe… I tried to take a pic, but you cannot see it. I guess I will just retest in a few more days! More waiting… Shwooo… I just dunno… Super anxious and nervous…


    Good afternoon ella. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you hun!



    Ok ladies, so i’ve been doing some research. It is possible to get pregnant after ovulation, but i hate waiting. Still no AF i really hope i am cuz i would be totally heart broken if the mirena messed me up! I would be devistated if i couldnt have any more babies.



    Good Morning,

    I am sorry if my lack of knowledge is so little and I am hoping someone can explain to me clearly how it all works. I had my menstrual the 1st of Dec. and it ended on the 8th of Dec. then from there you count 8 days that you can be intimate after that you are fertile am I right? I bought a O kit and so far its been negative since I stop, so I am fertile from the 17 until when? am I doing it right? I don’t know how long my cycle period is because in October I had a stillbirth, can someone please help me. I am trying to conceive. Thank you



    Does anyone know approximately how long it is between cervical mucus stages?? Like when your cervical mucus turns to the creamy (sorry for the TMI) how long is it before it goes egg white like?? And congratulations CandidaAndPaul!!!

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