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    It’s not really implantation per se… I can’t recall off the top of my head what it’s called… delayed something… I’d have to Google it – lol … back in a minute!


    Ryders – I really had nothing out of the ordinary. My BB’s usually hurt after O until a week prior to AF and then take a few days break of no pain and then start to hurt again a couple of days prior to AF so it was the same. Other than that nothing else, I hope I am that lucky with MS within the first couple of months 🙂 And I need to add that I OBSESSED so this whole ‘relax and it will happen’ was not the case for me!



    Thanks dsguared83, I logged on a couple months ago when I thought I was preggo, but was a false alarm, now DH and I are ready to try in the fall, I came on today to get tips on folic acid and keep coming back to check everyone’s status! Addicting forum!! Love it!



    i was considering getting more opks but i dont think its worth it…..if i dont get pg in dec then ill prob get them in jan…think ill take the whole thing a bit easier in dec seen as its xmas etc…..maybe that way it will happen wen iv not realised it 😉



    So, if I have never had Fertile CM after O is it still possibly AF or possibly preggo or both?


    Sorry I do this everyday but …CD 59!!!!!!! god AF get here already!!!! I need a new cycle! or PG…


    well I’m crossing my fingers for us C…if not we can cry together!!



    still waiting on AF…..this not knowing stuff is killing me. my BBs hurt and im tired all the time but all this thinking too much about possible pregnancy symptoms are driving me insane. im planning on letting it go one more week and if AF doesnt magically appear i’ll test again. man this was so much easier the first time around.



    CP – glad to know I’m not alone, originally we were going to start trying next March, but then decided that being pregnant over the winter would be better, as up here in Yellowknife, they are long and dark and it would be better to have the baby in the spring when the long days start again, so we decided this Sept, and I was SO excited cause it was only three months away, but now that’s too far away to wait!! lol!



    yay tomorrow we are going to a storage auction..they have like 50 units up for bid…should be fun and get my mind off all this..



    Yay sarah! i sure hope so, one of us at least lol



    I called him at work and told him that I walked to the store and got some food, and he was like.. ok….You walked? lol Then I told him I found him a christmas presant at the store..He was like you did? I said ya I got you a pregnancy test..He said WHAT? Then I said im I could of did something better and waited till he got home, but im so weak I had to call him right Onlyonill I tested at 7dpo and 8dpo and got BFN Today im 11dpo and got my BFP..


    Tasha BD BD BD BD BD OH and more BDing ; )



    After three BFNs, AF showed up this morning… one day early. I don’t remember having such a heavy flow! It’s almost pouring out!! (sorry TMI)…


    jessiezc~ Good Luck sweets… stranger things have happened LOL I had a friend who had a horrible runny nose for her entire pregnancy so I would say what you feel is real. Sending Baby Dust your way =)

Viewing 15 posts - 67,561 through 67,575 (of 131,346 total)

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