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    i think i the ugly witch af just showed iam so feeling depressed about it. every month we do the right thing but not exactly trying and are getting no where and its soo disheartening.. iam glad i didnt waste my money on a hpt….my lil one is 3and half and still cant give her a sibling i feel so much guilt about it somtimes as shes always on her own..


    I think I can’t sleep because I am crawling the wall- I feel like I am going to get my AF- i am getting those pre-AF tingling and tigthening feeling in my abdomen area- which is weird cause it isn’t due till thursday anyway!- Sorry I keep moaning about this today I am just stressing



    Thanks diane…. i feel better now i was worried that i had it all wrong..i thought that if i was meant to ovulate last night the test should have still come up positive but oh well fingers crossed it is all right and i get my BFP at the end of the month other wise i will try next month for a christmas baby =D.
    thank you also to you Juniwoo… thanks for the kind words and advice…
    Jaime i am soo sorry to hear of your loss, i hope that you are doing ok xxx


    Well, AF came yesterday! That means I had a 25day cycle. I have never had one that short before. I dont know whats going on. I think DH and I will give it one more good shot this month and if nothing I will seek help from my GYN even though its only been 6mo of TTC.



    we will get there, wont we ladies x x



    On the other hand, you can temp one hour off the day the time goes ahead, but mark it in FF as a time outside your norm. FF will mark it with an open dot, to serve as a reminder that this temp may not be accurate, and will not be counted in your overall pattern. The next day you will get your normal amount of sleep, so you are back on track.



    Well I was talking you because I saw your OPK and all the bding days. But Blesseddaily I think all men want to know where they stand in that department lol



    Hey ladies,

    Getiing very fed up now. Today my temperature has c=gone right down to my cover line at only 7 DPO?! Is this normal? It only normally goes down like that the day of/ day before AF?



    shawshoo~ well I just read that a high soft CP is good. And this is what mine is like.



    Mommy of Lucas – have you tried a HPT? maybe that should be your first move?



    yeah, it will have the same effect (making it fizzy like over the counter solutions)



    Diane… I just wanted to give you an update. I went 7 wks btwn those last periods. My last one was very heavy. i found out tonight that im pregnant. Its night out here and i took it after i drank alot of water, I will test again in the morning. We had truly decided to not have children right now. Look what happened!


    army- Such a great plan. I think i want to do that too. And let my son wear a tshirt that says big brother on xmas and let everyone ask why til gift exchange! HA! gotta go. Babydust to all!



    thanks loopylou. XH is a drug addict. He drained my savings, relied on my income to pay for the bills and then used MY income for his drugs (his income was not enough for his habit). He would punch and hit me, even during my pregnancy. He would destroy our furnishings in fits of rage, threaten to kill me. Once when DD was 3 months He had us in the car and was driving over 100mph, weaving in/out of traffic, threatening to kill us all (DD was in the backseat). That day i vowed to leave when i could. A month later he was on the phone with me and got mad at me & said he was coming home to put a bullet between my eyes. I called the police and he was arrested a few miles away with a gun in his car. While he was in jail for a few days…i got as much of my things (all of our home was my stuff) & left with a 4 month old baby. I eventually got full custody, which is very hard to do in my state, but he is just THAT bad. Met my wonderful current DH and remarried…DD & i are now leading a cinderella life story. But XH asks to see her about once a month & i say no. The court is requiring him to go to drug rehab and anger management classes, which he refuses. So i say no until he can fulfill the court requirements. Just wondering how my DD will take all of it.

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